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2003 Dec. 29 Sierra Club's view of the Wyoming wolf plan
2003 Dec. 22 Sunlight Basin Pack is in bad shape. Update on 1-5
2003 Dec. 19 Agate Pack kills 302M pack's pups, and other wolf news.
(Wolf 103F missing, Slough Creek gets recruits)
2003 Dec. 15 Experts agree that Wyoming's wolf management plan needs fixing. Opinion
2003 Dec. 15 Wyoming wolf update. Two potential new packs. Absaroka Pack in deep mange trouble, Sunlight Basin with mange too.
2003 Dec. 12 Yellowstone wolf radio collaring goes well. Details.
2003 Dec. 8 The recent wolf mortalities in Wyoming were all gunshots, except perhaps one. Update on the original story of Nov. 18
2003 Dec. 7 Two good wolf books for Christmas Presents. "Wolf Journal" and "Yellowstone's Wolves in the Wild."
2003 Nov. 30 More Druid and nearby pack news. Chase between Slough Creek pack and part of the Druids
2003 Nov. 21 Two of Idaho's new Hemlock Ridge wolf pack are illegally shot
2003 Nov. 19 Druid Pack, and nearby wolf pack news
2003 Nov. 17 Four Nez Perce wolves caught and collared . . . skinny. More later on 11-17
2003 Nov.13 One Thousand Consecutive Days Observing Wolves in Yellowstone. More on 11-14
2003 Nov. 13 Part of the Nez Perce Pack Returns to Yellowstone
2003 Nov. 7 More on the missing Nez Perce Pack, and are Idaho hunters responsible for the great Idaho wolf success?
2003 Nov. 2 Nez Perce pack still missing. Rose Creek alpha male and an important Leopold female found long dead. Update 11-10. Another Rose Creek wolf found dead.
2003 Nov. 1 Final Report and list of losses. California Wolf Center.
2003 Oct. 30 California Wolf Center Saved!!  Help is needed.
2003 Oct. 29 Massive fire threatens California Wolf Center. Update 10-30
2003 Oct. 25 Green River Pack Terminated. Only the alpha female (now a lone wolf) was spared. Important update 11-3.
2003 Oct. 18 Yellowstone wolf news:  302M gains a pack!   Is the Nez Perce pack partly missing?
2003 Oct. 16 New Idaho wolf pack near Kamiah, Idaho -- The Eldorado Pack
2003 Oct. 14 Wolf illegally killed near Idaho City, Idaho. Reward offered.
2003 Sept. 30 Green River Pack in trouble again. New alpha shot for "depredations."
2003 Sept. 29 New Pack of 16 wolves near Daniel, Wyoming.
2003 Sept. 19 Wolves kill numerous sheep near Burgdorf, Idaho. Update 9-30, 10-3
2003 Sept. 19 Chief Joseph Pack finally gets a radio collar
2003 Sept. 17 Some Yellowstone northern range wolf news. Update 9-29
2003 Sept. 16 Northern Rockies Wolf population grows at a slow rate, except for Idaho. Addition 9-23
2003 Sept. 1 Green River Pack gets new lease on life with a new alpha male, plus necropsy shows Teton Pack alpha female was not killed by her pack last winter.
2003 Aug. 28 Update on wolves to the north and northwest of Yellowstone Park. Two updates on 9-6
2003 Aug. 22 Wyoming wolf update. Lots of minor "depredations" and 7 "controls"
2003 Aug. 20 Irony. Forest fire north of YNP eliminates sheep threat to Rose Creek Pack.
2003 Aug. 16 New Idaho wolf packs -- Timberline and Monumental. Timberline named after Timberline HS in Boise
2003 Aug. 7 Yellowstone Park wolf news. Alpha female of Leopold Pack found long dead, and more.  More info on Rose Creek 8-8
2003 Aug. 5 Two more Idaho litters; one (Magruder) a new pack.
2003 July 31 Controversial Wyoming Wolf Plan Adopted by WY Game and Fish Commission. Updated 8-1
2003 July 28 Efforts to prevent Sunlight Basin Pack from entering livestock enclosure result in a dead grizzly cub
2003 July 22 Dispersing Idaho wolf shotgunned near Idaho City, Idaho
2003 July 18 Absaroka Pack has a bad case of mange. One wolf euthanized. Treatment to be attempted. Green River Pack "controlled" 7-18 and 7-21
2003 July 14 Druid Pack kills adult bison and other Druid news.
2003 July 9 Druid pups move to rendezvous site.
2003 July 6 Idaho Wolf News. June 2003. B2M's mate has pups!. Numerous litters discovered around the state.
2003 June 27 Update on Yellowstone Park and Wyoming wolf packs and pups. More info on 251F added 7-5.
2003 June 20 Buffalo Fork alpha female 105F killed by other wolves. Body of 208M also found. Revised info 6-25
2003 June 12 Latest Wyoming wolf news. Wolf trapped near Thermopolis.
2003 June 9 Early June update on 2003 Yellowstone pups. 13 Druid pups spotted.
2003 May 27 Another update on Yellowstone Pack pups, plus other Park wolf news.
2003 May 27 USFWS said to "clarify" the number of wolf packs Wyoming must maintain outside Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Note: I substantially rewrote and updated this article, which I first put up on May 24.
2003 May 15 Questions about the new Teton pack alpha female
2003 May 7 Teton Pack alpha female found dead. Was she killed by her own pack? Update 5-10-03
2003 May 4 Idaho 2003 wolf den and other wolf news. Some additions on 5-5-03
2003 May 2 More 2003 Yellowstone den news, plus Geode Creek alpha male was killed by an ungulate.
2003 April 25 First denning report for Wyoming wolves outside Yellowstone Park
2003 April 22 First Yellowstone Park denning report for 2003
2003 April 16 Dave Moody of WY Game and Fish suspended for politically incorrect commentary on Wyoming wolf plan. Updates 4-17-03. 4-23. Moody back on the job.
2003 April 12 Park wolf pack kills mother cougar
2003 April 11 Dave Moody, Wyoming's Game and Fish's Large Predator Coordinator, sees holes in Wyoming wolf plan
2003 April 4 Tremendous legal victory for wolves in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Update 4-10
2003 April 1 Intrepid Mollie's Pack finds tough going with bison, grizzlies, in the Pelican.
2003 Mar. 30 Three Druid females pregnant and other news.
2003 Mar. 26 Idaho Office of Species Conservation says Idaho's wolf population larger than predicted: My analysis, including facts and figures on the 2002 Idaho wolf population.
2003 Mar. 21 Straying Druids return to their pack, and more news. Addition 3-29
2003 Mar. 18 Gray wolf downlisted to "threatened" throughout most of U.S. Addition 3-19
2003 Mar. 16 Bechler Pack, first wolf pack in SW Yellowstone.
2003 Mar. 12 Collar numbers, size and other details of 2003 wolf collaring in YNP. These are the final figures, including the second round of collaring in February.
2003 Mar. 5 US Fish and Wildlife Service explains the termination (killing) of the Castle Rock and Halfway wolf packs of southwest central Montana
2003 Mar. 5 Update on the Druids and other northern range wolves of Yellowstone
2003 Feb. 28 Wolves and Wyoming elk numbers. More data on 3-9.
2003 Feb. 27 Your immediate help need for Wyoming wolves. 2-28 Too late now, the bill passed the governor will sign it.
2003 Feb. 26 Groups Move to Renew Protection of wolves from government shooting  in in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area. News story added on 3-5-03
2003 Feb. 26 Update on Wyoming anti-wolf legislation
2003 Feb. 23 Some ruminations on wolf and other "depredations"
2003 Feb. 18 Yellowstone elk numbers and wolves
2003 Feb. 14 Four anti-wolf bills introduced into the Oregon Legislature
2003 Feb. 13 Our growing anxiety and the fear of wolf attacks
2003 Feb. 11 Nez Perce Pack returns to Yellowstone.
2003 Feb. 11 "Teenaged" Druid Daughters Leave. Druid Peak Pack down to 5 wolves. News feature story added 2-22-03
2003 Feb. 6 How big are those "Canadian" gray wolves, anyway?
2003 Feb. 5 Radio collaring data from Yellowstone Park.
2003 Feb. 3 Winter Radio Collaring for Idaho Wolves. Number of wolves down. News story added, 2-4-03
2003 Feb. 3 Lots of casual associations among young wolves on the Northern Range. Dating season?
2003 Jan. 31 Three mangy wolves caught near Red Lodge, Montana.
2003 Jan. 28 Nez Perce Pack found on the National Elk Refuge! Updates 1-29, 1-30.
2003 Jan. 23 Group of wolves at Lander, Wyoming. 2-5-03. More negativity from Fremont County Commissioners
2003 Jan. 22 More on the missing Nez Perce Pack. Did the light winter provoke their move? Minor update 1-27-03.
2003 Jan. 19 Has Yellowstone Park wolf population growth ended?
2003 Jan. 18 Nez Perce Pack still missing -- gone since mid-December. News story added 1-21-03
2003 Jan. 15 New wolf pack north of Challis, ID? and other Idaho wolf news.
2003 Jan. 14 Thirteen YNP wolves radio-collared. Nez Perce Pack Missing.
2003 Jan. 12 Two Teton Pack dispersers shot by Wildlife Services near Pinedale, WY. Information and corrections added on Jan. 13.
2003 Jan. 7 Some Teton Pack yearlings get into livestock trouble.
2003 Jan. 3 Geode Pack kills former Leopold alpha 2M, the last of the 1995 Yellowstone wolves. Additions Jan. 7, 8, and 9
2003 Jan. 2 Some Mollie's Pack and former Druids forming a new pack?
2003 Jan. 2 Utah Wolf Forum established to help along the natural wolf restoration of Utah

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