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2004 Dec. 28 Agates, Druids, Geodes . . . lots of activity in YNP.
2004 Dec. 27 Idaho wolf population continues to grow. Reaches over 400.
2004 Dec. 21 Some news of Wyoming wolves. Two members of the Daniel Pack "controlled"
2004 Dec. 16 Update on the Lone Bear Pack. Update 12-23. Last 2 members shot 2-11-2005.
2004 Dec. 10 Northern Range wolf numbers down. Update 12-21. More still 12-31.
2004 Dec. 9 Four Idaho Wolves Illegally Killed. $5000 reward
2004 Nov. 29 Druids return to Lamar. Numbers down to 8 or 9. Note added on 12-9
2004 Nov. 24 Update on Wyoming wolves. Stable wolf population and trouble only in the Upper Green area.
2004 Nov. 24 Another YNP wolf update. Geode Pack kills cougar. Nez Perce Pack is now north of Park.
2004 Nov. 20 Leopolds drive Geode Pack from kill. Nez Perce on the northern range too.
2004 Nov. 20 What about those half eaten animal carcasses?
2004 Nov. 16 Complete Yellowstone Park wolf update. There is an Old Faithful area pack. Nez Perce returns. Addition 11-19-04
2004 Nov. 15 New wolf pack of 8 shows up in Round Prairie. Druids and Agates have a long, low injury battle on Specimen Ridge
2004 Nov. 11 Hunters have probably illegally killed some Idaho wolves, but then that's the tip of the iceberg. Update Nov. 12. Many more probable illegal kills in Idaho.
2004 Nov. 9 Update on the Druids. New Black seems to be the new alpha male
2004 Oct 31 Two years of study shows bears, not wolves, the major elk calf predator on northern range of Yellowstone
2004 Oct 28 Update on wolves in the Boulder-White Clouds area of Idaho
2004 Oct 28 Two Mollies Pack wolves attack Druids at Rendezvous Site. 302M injured, "New Black" fights. Update 11-2. Mollies Pack wolves return to Mollies Pack and more. Video of second fight added on 12-1.
2004 Oct 24 Druid wolf 253M returns to the northern range. Update 10-25
2004 Oct 16 Daniel Pack is not dead. Eleven wolves rediscovered when they kill a few Wyoming cattle
2004 Oct. 15 The Druids and and Slough Creek have an altercation. Is the massive Leopold Pack pushing northern range wolves to the east? Photos added 10-16 and 10-20.
2004 Oct. 6 Druid-Lamar update. Early Oct. 04
2004 Sept 30 New wolf pack of nine in Copper Basin, Idaho.
2004 Sept 25 Yellowstone Park Wolf Update Late Sept. 2004. 302M the victor in Druid struggle? Leopold Pack 27 wolves!
2004 Sept 21 Lone Bear Wolf Pack near Livingston to be killed by government after attacking too many sheep. Update 9-27. Most of the pack got away. 10-10. Government keeps trying. Lone Bear Pack survives. See new story on Dec. 16 (above)
2004 Sept 16 Update on Greater Yellowstone wolves in Montana, outside of Yellowstone Park.
2004 Sept 2 Brief report on Northern Range wolf observations. Note Sept. 21
2004 Aug 27 Late summer update on Wyoming wolves outside of Yellowstone Park. Update 8-30.
2004 Aug 25 Anti-wolf activist seems to change view about wolves in effort to sell his property. Link to property sale page 9-1
2004 Aug 16 Brief, but complete update on wolf packs in the Northern Rockies. Corrections and additions 8-20. Minor update on Old Faithful Pack 8-25.
2004 Aug 14 Field report on the Lamar Valley wolves
2004 Aug 12 Teton Pack kills a cow calf in revived grazing allotment in GTNP. Update 8-13.
2004 Aug. 5 Yellowstone Park Wolf Update for early-August 2004: Chief Joseph Pack has some mange. Mollies Pack 5 pups. A long chase in the Pelican. 8-6. A correction regarding 286F
2004 Aug 3 Finally a wolf killer nets a big fine. Update. Folks are overjoyed!
2004 July 24 Brief report on the Druid Pack wolves, Late July
2004 July 24 Idaho wolf pack with a serious problem of killing sheep is shot by feds, all 9 of them.
2004 July 23 Update on Wyoming wolves outside of Yellowstone Park
2004 July 19 Likely body of famous Druid alpha male 21M found
2004 July 9 Yellowstone Park Wolf Update for early-July 2004: Rose Creek Pack rediscovered; Slough Creek Alpha male dead. July 12. Druid update: pups moved to rendezvous site.
2004 July 8 Poisoning spreads to Yellowstone Park? Pet in Park dead of Temik poison?
2004 July 6 Wyoming poison may have finally killed a wolf.
2004 July 2 Trespassing case against Mike Jimenez dismissed by federal court. Articles on the case outcome added 7-9 and 7-15-04
2004 June 30 Valley County Commissioner, ranch hand fined for killing member of Orphan Pack near Cascade, Idaho.
2004 June 23 Numerous dogs in Idaho and Wyoming poisoned with illegal bait, likely meant for wolves. First posted May 12 with additions 6-9; 6-10; 6-21, 6-23, 7-28, and 8-5 . . . are these poisonings a form of terrorism?
2004 June 21 Druid alpha male 21M absent. It doesn't look good. Updates 6-21, 22, 24, 30, and July 2
2004 June 17 Yellowstone Park wolf update for mid-June.
2004 June 17 More 2004 Idaho wolf den news.
2004 June 5 Washakie Pack "control" ordered. This was the pack Jimenez collared and got into trouble for (for "planting" wolves)!
2004 June 2 Idaho wolf den and pup news. 6-17 update on Orphan Pack shooting
2004 June 2 The Teton Pack has 9 pups. News article on pack added 6-16
2004 May 28 Brief Yellowstone: No pup count yet for Druids. Swan Lake Pack gets in minor trouble outside Park. Update 6-1, first Druid pups sighted. More 6-2
2004 May 17 Latest Yellowstone den news. All the packs probably denned. Some pups have been spotted.
2004 May 16 "Livestock losses leaves ranchers worn down by wolves." My commentary on a Billings Gazette article and the political uses of anti-wolf sentiment.
2004 May 12 Federal judge lifts Jimenez wolf trespassing case from Park County to federal court.
2004 May 2 SW Montana 2004 wolf den news
2004 April 30 More Yellowstone den news. 255F returns to Druids, Swan Lake might not have denned. Where is Mollies' Pack? More on 5-1
2004 April 29 Idaho Wolf B2M is dead, perhaps the oldest wild wolf ever recorded. More May 5-9, 2004. Media picks up the story. Three stories including a photo and one very nice long feature.
2004 April 27 More Yellowstone den news. Druid 376F, 255F, U-Black and new Firehole group have denned.
2004 April 24 Wyoming files lawsuit over the federal rejection of their wolf plan, meanwhile Idaho and Montana slated to gain authority, giving wolf supporters heartburn.
2004 April 20 New rules threaten the wolf population in Idaho and Montana (opinion). Updates 4-21 and 22
2004 April 17 Park County, Wyoming charges Jimenez and pilot for trespass and littering. Addition 4-26
2004 April 16 First Yellowstone Park denning update for 2004.
2004 April 15 Field notes. Mid-April. Mostly of the Druids
2004 April 1 Famous former Druid 103F dead in YNP and other park wolf news.
2004 Mar. 27 News about Yellowstone Park wolves and wolves to the north and northwest. Minor addition 3-31
2004 Mar. 20 Some Yellowstone wolf news, including wolves at Mammoth Hot Springs. Photo added 3-21
2004 Mar. 19 Summary of Wyoming radio collaring (outside of YNP) winter of '03-'04
2004 Mar. 15 Summary of Yellowstone Park radio collaring winter of '03-'04
2004 Mar. 15 Risk and reality in wolf country.
2004 Mar. 14 Wolves near the Colorado border? Did they kill some cows, or did dogs? This is an update on an article I put up on January 6.
2004 Mar. 9 Park County, Wyoming commission's allegations against wolf manager Jimenez grow into gigantic conspiracy theory. Update 3-6, 3-9, 3-14, 3-17 Will letter from regional director end the controversy?
2004 Mar. 7 Utah wolf meetings begin on March 8. Please attend! Update. 3-15. Wolf supporters getting butts kicked in Utah wolf meetings. 3-20. Anti-wolfers prevail at Provo, Utah meeting
2004 Mar. 7 Wolves kill some livestock in Montana and Idaho. Wolves get killed in return by government. So why not just write a generic wolf depredation story?
2004 Mar. 1 Wolves last weekend in northeast Yellowstone Park
2004 Mar. 1 Report on radio-collaring this winter in Idaho. Some added info and updates on 3-3.
2004 Feb. 26 Figures for 2003 show decline in number of NW Montana wolves.
2004 Feb. 25 USFWS wolf manager for Wyoming "captured" on private property while radio-collaring wolves. Some updating and changes on 2-26
2004 Feb. 22 Original article Feb. 9. I'll wager a dinner on wolves and elk. Updates 2-12, 2-22
2004 Feb. 19 Original reintroductions to Yellowstone are now dead, but several wolves from Canada live on in Idaho.
2004 Feb. 18 Wolves for the good of Wyoming
2004 Feb. 18 Druids get some wolves back.
2004 Feb. 15 And then there were none. 41F, the last of the reintroduced wolves in the Yellowstone Country shot by the government.
2004 Feb. 12 The "Half Black" wolf (former Druid) is dead
2004 Feb. 7 Druid alpha male 21M mates with Druid 286F
2004 Feb. 3 Aftermath of the death of 42F. Plus updates. Most recent 2-23-04
2004 Feb. 2 End of an Era, Druid alpha female 42F killed by other wolves
2004 Feb. 2 Wyoming wolf update: Two wolves "controlled," Daniel Pack in safe area, Teton Pack romps. Mollies Pack returns to YNP and kills 42F?
2004 Jan. 29 Opportunity to work in the Idaho backcountry next summer, and get paid to track wolves for the Nez Perce Tribal Gray Wolf Recovery Project.
2004 Jan. 28 Wildlife Services kills a pack of 7 wolves in SW Montana
2004 Jan. 22 USFWS law enforcement confirms member of Buffalo Ridge Pack illegally poisoned with 1080. Update 1-23. Media story 2-5-04
2004 Jan. 22 Surprise! Slough Creek Alpha female, 217F, was probably killed by her own pack
2004 Jan. 20 Druid doings, etc. Note: Mating was observed on 1-22
2004 Jan. 15

217F, Slough Creek alpha female dead, plus more Yellowstone wolves collared. Addition 1-17

2004 Jan. 14 Current status of "control" of wolves in Wyoming
2004 Jan. 8 More on mange problems in Greater Yellowstone wolves.
2004 Jan. 7 Druid and nearby pack news early January
2004 Jan. 6 GYE wolf misc. north and NE of YNP


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