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2005 Dec. 30

Wolf Recovery Foundation opposes heli-darting wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness.

2005 Dec. 22 Year ends with huge decrease in Yellowstone Park wolf population. The Nez Perce Pack is wiped out by Gibbon.
2005 Dec. 19 Wolf shooting in Grand Teton National Park. 12-20. Clarification on exact location.
2005 Dec. 17 Comprehensive update on the wolves of West Central Idaho.
2005 Dec. 16 Sublette County, Wyoming, a massive death hole for wolves, and a menace to Western Wildlife. Update 12-17. Menace to cattle too!
2005 Dec. 1 Farewell, Amani! Famous wolf of the captive Sawtooth pack is dead.
2005 Nov. 28 Yellowstone: Mollies wolf 379M killed by Gibbon Pack? Is the Cougar Creek Pack splitting? 11-30. Update on the death of 379M
2005 Nov. 19 Yellowstone Wolf Update. Delta and Mollies Packs missing. Gibbon Pack has nine members!
2005 Nov. 16 Current Wolf observations in the Northern Range (Kathie Lynch field notes from 11-5). More notes added on 12-3 from Thanksgiving.
2005 Nov. 14 More wolves caught in coyote traps. There is a way to minimize this. Note added on 11-17. There seems to be some disagreement.
2005 Nov. 7 Wolf report for SW Montana
2005 Oct 26 Update on Idaho wolf packs (east side of the side)
2005 Oct. 23 Yellowstone Wolf Update. The Leopold Pack has split and more . .
2005 Oct. 22 Update on the Slough Creek Pack in the Lamar Valley
2005 Oct. 21 Wolf from Wyoming starts a pack in Idaho's fabled Big Horn Crags
2005 Oct. 20 Sundles charged with trying to poison wolves. Update 11-1
2005 Oct.15 Frontiers of Wolf Recovery Conference at Colorado Springs. Report from the Wolf Recovery Foundation.
2005 Oct. 14 More wolves showing up in southeastern Idaho?
2005 Oct. 7 Yellowstone Park Wolf Update. Early October. Some updating and corrections 10-14
2005 Sept 29 Bears are the leading cause of death of Yellowstone Park elk calves
2005 Sept 26 End of the summer update on Wyoming wolves outside of Yellowstone Park.
2005 Sept 20 Brief update on Yellowstone northern range wolf observing. More on 10-3
2005 Sept 19 Do current Wyoming wolves have chance of making it to Colorado? New data shows some nearing borders.
2005 Sept 2 Mid-year estimate of wolf pop. in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming . . . heading toward stability.
2005 Aug 29 Interesting data presented at Idaho Falls "wolf seminar"
2005 Aug 22 Yellowstone Park wolf population is down. So too, Montana GYE wolves. Some additional Montana data 8-26
2005 Aug 19 Two Idaho wolf killing cases solved, although fines are light. 9-2. One of those fined is finally identified by name. 9-23. Long article.
2005 Aug 11 Yellowstone Delta Pack Found, plus Yellowstone Park wolf population is declining.
2005 Aug. 10 Slough Creek Pack in Lamar Valley. Druids?
2005 July 27 Lots of Yellowstone News. Geode Pack disintegrated. Swan Lake Pack alpha female dead. . . more. Addition 7-28. Aug. 11. A reflection on this story's migration to the mainstream media
2005 July 26 Wolf pack in Copper Basin, Idaho largely eliminated by Wildlife Services. The pups and a sub-adult wolf were spared.
2005 July 24 Famous Mexican "poster wolf" dies of heat exhaustion after recapture. Note and editorial added 7-26.
2005 July 20 Has foul play befallen the Yellowstone Delta Pack?
2005 July 15 Sloughs kill 2 bison in the Lamar Valley and many interesting events follow. Note 7-18
2005 July 14 Collar of former YNP wolf found in Falls River. Foul Play suspected. Biscuit Basin Pack collar found east of Ashton, Idaho.
2005 July 14 Mexican wolf numbers are roughly stagnant. Translocations have roughly balanced wolf control actions.
2005 July 7 New wolf pack kills 13 sheep of the Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association. Pack, including the pups, killed by Wildlife Services.
2005 July 6 Couple with dog stumble onto den of 253M's Pack. Pack member makes sure they leave. Notes  added 7-7 and 7-12. Related story added 7-17.
2005 July 6 Two Idaho wolves from the original reintroduction found to be still alive. Note I wrote the story and posted it July 5, but rewrote it with more info July 5.
2005 June 23 Idaho Wolf Illegally Shot Near Banner Summit. Wolf-killer endangers motorists during illegal act.
2005 June 21 More bad news for the imperiled Mexican wolves. Update 6-24, Update 7-4
2005 June 21 Complete Yellowstone Park wolf update. Leopold Pack has 16 pups! Update 6-22
2005 June 20 The Druids have six pups and other northern range wolf news
2005 June 17 I checked out the Frank Church wolf poisoning area. Story, plus photos.
2005 June 8 Update on Wyoming wolves. Viewing site for Teton Pack closed until July 1, and more. 6-17. Update on wolf 253M.
2005 June 2 Wolf poisoned by Temik in Frank Church Wilderness.  News stories added on 6-3, and 6-17
2005 May 19 Yellowstone Park wolf update. Where is the Delta Pack? Geode Pack disintegrating? Update June 6
2005 May 17 Update on Buffalo Ridge Pack and nearby central Idaho wolves. 5-18. News story added.
2005 May 15 More Yellowstone Wolf and Wildlife Observations by Elli Radinger.
2005 May 14 Wolves have been repeatedly spotted in North Dakota.
2005 May 12 Mexican wolf update. Francisco Pack ordered to be "lethally controlled." Updates 5-15, 5-17, and 6-3.
2005 May 9 Ten years of Yellowstone Wolves
2005 May 6 Recent Yellowstone Wolf Observations by Elli Radinger
2005 May 3 The Teton Pack did finally den. Has "Limpy's" trio?" Update 5-17. Wyoming's governor howls.
2005 Apr 27 US Fish and Wildlife Service caves in to ranchers on Mexican Wolves. More on 4-28
2005 Apr 25 Teton Pack and 253M's group have not denned. Note added 4-26
2005 Apr 24 Slough Creek Pack has four dens.
2005 Apr 6 First wolf denning report from Yellowstone. Updates 4-11, 4-14 (Druid's denned and more news)
2005 Apr 5 Wolf pup shot by mule owner near YNP boundary under the new 10j rule
2005 Apr 1 Summary data of Yellowstone Park radio collaring for winter 2005. 4-4 Weights and photo added.
2005 Apr 1 Wyoming's Daniel pack is terminated. My opinion added 4-3. More news 4-11.
2005 Mar 30 This year's Chico, MT wolf conference has great agenda. You must register by April 1 to a avoid late fee and get good rate lodging rate.
2005 Mar 28 Unpleasant wolf meeting at Clayton, Idaho
2005 Mar 28 Yellowstone wolf update. Update March 29. Twenty-five Leopolds chase the Geodes and kill the Geode alpha male. Misc. additional news 4-1
2005 Mar 21 Number of elk in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming
2005 Mar 21 Things seem to have calmed down a bit on the northern range of the Park. Major update on March 22
2005 Mar 18 Update on Wyoming wolves. Teton Pack used the Gros Ventre less the winter, and new packs forming.
2005 Mar 18 Hungry as a Wolf" . . . Is this another lame metaphor?
2005 Mar 10 Slough Creek dominates the upper northern range and kills a Geode. Starving Biscuit Basin Pack leaves Yellowstone Park.
2005 Mar 9 First wolf shot under the new rules. Mackay, Idaho area rancher shoots a wolf chasing his livestock. More information Mar.10
2005 Mar. 3 Sloughs are bison killers. Mollie's makes a comeback. Mange closing in on Yellowstone?
2005 Feb. 22 Latest observations on the northern range of YNP. Special from Kathie Lynch.
2005 Feb. 14 More on the death of 375F. Mollie's Pack? reappears. Some more info 2-17
2005 Feb. 13 Slough Creek Pack kills Druid yearling 375F. U-Black's Pack and "new pack" are seen again.
2005 Feb 11 Brief Update on Wyoming wolves
2005 Feb 9 Famed Druid makes National Elk Refuge his home. Update 2-22
2005 Feb 4 Update on an old 1997 article about a wolf and sheep guard dog.
2005 Feb. 3 New wolf regulations for most of Montana and Idaho go into effect Feb. 7
2005 Jan. 29 Thirty wolves radio collared in Yellowstone Park. Where is Mollie's pack?. Update Feb. 1 and 4.
2005 Jan. 23 Slough Creek Pack romps at will in the Lamar Valley. Update and more info Jan. 28
2005 Jan. 18 Owl Creek wolf pack in Wyoming terminated by federal government. Update 1-21, another Owl Creek wolf shot over a dead cow.
2005 Jan. 10 Wolf 253M located and more news
2005 Jan. 7 New wolf regulations pass most wolf management to Idaho and Montana. Truculent Wyoming gets no authority.
2005 Jan. 3 Wolves move elk off of Wyoming state feedgrounds. That's good news! 1-5 Wyoming Game and Fish wants the wolves killed! More 1-7. Update 1-18.

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