Feds kill still more wolves


The federal Wildlife Services has killed another member of the Ninemile Pack north of Missoula after a 4th llama was killed in the Ninemile Valley. The wolf was shot from a helicopter while it was feeding on a elk. The government confessed it didn't know if it was the right wolf. An AP story quoted Northern Rockies wolf recovery coordinator Ed Bangs. "They looked for a gray wolf and a big body size, and just hoped it was the right one. I wish we were better prophets, but we're probably better historians."

According to the AP story, the seven remaining members of the pack were spotting eating the elk and so they shot the biggest gray wolf because the llama owner said a big gray wolf killed the llama

Meanwhile on April 9 a disperser from the Chief Joseph Pack was shot a long way north of Yellowstone, in fact north of Helena. Chief Joe wolf 203M was shot near a sheep corral after 12 lambs and one ewe were killed. This is most northerly recorded dispersal of a Yellowstone Park wolf.

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