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Blue Mountain Wolf Captured and Returned to Idaho

3-27-99, with updates  

B-45F, the "Blue Mountain Wolf" has been captured in Oregon and released in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness of central Idaho. She was caught in an area where the timber was sparse. The article below from the Lewiston Morning Tribune says it was probably just as well because she wouldn't find a mate in Oregon.  It may be just as well for this wolf, but it isn't for folks in Oregon who want wolves to return.

I wouldn't blame the US Fish and Wildlife Service personnel. While no one told me this, I believe it was a political decision from higher up by those who have yet to learn you earn no credit by caving into the anti-wolfers.  This is a sad day for most Oregonians, and I think it will have long term negative implications for the wolf restoration project.

3-27 Article by Eric Barker in Lewiston Morning Tribune

3-27 Article in the Oregonian

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported "Hawkins and Powers Aviation Inc. (the group that conducted the collaring effort of Yellowstone wolves in 1998), was able to capture wolf B-45-F.  The wolf was captured using a net gun and helicopter.
She was transferred from the chopper to an Oregon State Police fixed wing at John Day, and Pilot Ken West and biologist Terra Wertz flew her to Lewiston, Idaho and Curt Mack of the Nez Perce Tribe.  Curt released her the same day (very later that night actually) up near the divide between Idaho and Montana inside the experimental recovery area."

Note as of Dec. 2005. In fact no known wolf packs have formed in Oregon although dead lone wolves have shown up there now and again. B45F may have ended up dead, instead she is part of a large Idaho wolf pack six years later. Oregon is still officially (and maybe in fact) wolfless.

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