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Other Resources

Bearman's wolf page - Kevin Sanders is a naturalist and guide.

New 3-2-06. The Leopold Project. Oregon State University. The goal of the Leopold Project is to continue the work Aldo Leopold started on topics that intersect forestry and wildlife science and ecosystems. Aldo Leopold is a prime example of the usefulness of working across disciplines to solve complex natural resource problems.

Wildlife Veterinary Resources - Dr. Mark Johnson. A wildlife vet with a heart.

Two Yellowstone tour companies with a conservation friendly philosophy, and similar names.

  • Yellowstone Safari Company Tours.
  • Safari Yellowstone.

Mexican Wolves!
Extinct in the wild, Mexican wolves have again been re-released into the wild -- into the Blue Range country on the Arizona/New Mexico border. This is a very exciting event, and also difficult because, unlike the wolves that came to Yellowstone and central Idaho, the Mexican wolf restoration comes from the offspring of wolves that were taken from the wild, and saved before their extinction occurred. The wolves were carefully bred, but those released are not wild wolves, yet. They need to learn to hunt and avoid humans, of which there are some nasty ones in the vicinity. I will not be doing more than sporadic updates on the Mexican wolves, but U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Service has a good page for this struggling reintroduction: Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program.
1-27-06. Sadly this program is imploding, with the wolf population down 3 years in a row at the end of 2005.

Books about the wolf restoration.

Wolf Pages-

California Wolf Center - to increase awareness and conservation efforts in protecting and understanding the importance of all wildlife by focusing on the history, biology and ecology of the North American Gray Wolf through education, exhibition, reproduction of endangered species and studies of captive wolf behavior.  They doing especially good work by providing Mexican gray wolves for release in the wild.

Defenders of Wildlife - Perhaps the leading force for wolf restoration in America.

German Wolf Association- Devoted to the protection and preservation of wolves in Germany and the whole world, and to educate the public about this endangered predator.

International Wolf Center - Wolves in the Great Lakes. Go to IWC to learn about the proposal to "delist" -- declare the wolf population "recovered" in the Great Lakes.

Geoguide/Wolves - This is a link to a new part of the National Geographic Society -- on-line educational resources for teachers and interactive activity for children and adults. Obviously, this to to their geoguide on wolves.

Mission Wolf - These dedicated and very hard-working folks have a sanctuary for captive born wolves high in the Colorado Rockies. Wolves are saved to help educate us.

New 1-27-06. Northern Lights wildlife wolf centre. Wolves in British Columbia!

Predator Conservation Alliance - works to conserve and restore forest and grassland ecosystems by protecting predators and their habitats-saving a place for America's predators.

The Searching Wolf - The Searching Wolf has found an incredible number of links to wolf information.

Timber Wolf Information Network Information - updates on wolves in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Sinapu- Named after the Ute word for wolves, Sinapu is dedicated to the restoration and protection of native carnivores and their wild habitat in the Southern Rockies, and connected high plains and deserts

Southern Rockies Wolf Restoration Project. This is a coalition of regional and national conservation organizations with one mission: ensuring the restoration of wolves to their ecological role in the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Toklat wolves of Denali National Park

Utah Wolf Forum.

New 2-22-06.Wolf and Wildlife Studies. This site is by an independent wolf biologist who is studying the Fishtrap Wolf Pack in NW Montana. The project is part of a larger idea -- Project HOWL (Helping Our Wolves Live). HOWL endeavers to educate local people about the true nature of Montana wolves.

Wolf Education and Research Center (WERC). The Wolf Education and Research Center is dedicated to providing public education and scientific research concerning the gray wolf and its habitat in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The Center provides  the public with the rare opportunity to observe and learn more about the wolf in its natural habitat at a large enclosure near Winchester, Idaho.

Wolf Magazin. Wolf Magazin is the only German-language technical periodical about wolves and other wild Canids. The magazine's editor, Elli Radinger spends a lot of time in Yellowstone and has written a popular book about Yellowstone wolves,  "Die Wölfe von Yellowstone."

Wonders-of-nature.com. Dedicated to displaying photographs and video as things happen in the wild. There is video of Yellowstone wolves chasing pronghorn! Many other photos.

World of Lady Wolf - A beautiful nature page with lots of information about wolves and other animals. This site has a message board plus much more.

Do you want to discuss wolves and related events with people from all over the world? Post to your thoughts to Usenet News. Here are three relevant newsgroups.

Other Carnivores-

The Cougar Network. A research group dedicated to documenting the reinhabitation of the plains, mid-west, and east by the cougar.

Great Bear Foundation. To promote bear conservation throughout the world

Idaho Black Bear Rehab, Inc. Saving black bear cubs and returning them to the wild.

Mountain Lion Foundation. Protecting cougar in California.

North Cascades Grizzly Bear Outreach. Much information about grizzly bears – their history in the North Cascades, status, ecology and behavior, the recovery process, bear identification, and many tips for coexisting with bears and other wildlife.

Sierra Club Grizzly bear ecosystems project. The Sierra Club Grizzly Bear Ecosystems Project is working to protect and restore wild grizzly populations and their habitat in the lower 48 United States and Canada.

The Wolverine Foundation. to promote interest in the wolverine's status and ecological role in the world wildlife community.

Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana Conservation Groups and web sites.

Boulder-White Clouds Council. Boulder-White Clouds Council, Inc. (BWCC), was formed in 1989 to gain permanent protection for the 500,000 acre Boulder-White Cloud Mountains by securing designation within The National Wilderness Preservation System.
The Boulder-White Clouds roadless area is the largest, unprotected roadless area left on Forest Service lands outside of Alaska.

Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front.

Great Old Broads for Wilderness. They are truly great!


 "The Western Watersheds Project."   I just joined their Board of Directors!




Greater Yellowstone Coalition - The Greater Yellowstone Coalition works to conserve and protect the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the full range of its life, now and for future generations. I am pleased to have been one of the GYC's founders back in 1983.

Idaho Conservation League - Fighting for a clean and productive Idaho and for the Idaho outdoors.

Idaho Alpine Club  -  The Idaho Alpine Club is based in Idaho Falls, ID and provides opportunities for members to meet and participate together in many different non-motorized outdoor activities

Idaho Rivers United - For all who love the freedom, adventure and solitude of Idaho's wild rivers, Idaho Rivers United vigorously defends the priceless heritage of rivers and fish.

Montana Wilderness Association - Stalwarts at keeping at least part of the Big Sky country from being clearcut, drilled, roaded, and mined.  protecting the wild heart of Montana.

RangeBiome Headlines: A Public Rangeland Almanac. This is a great way to keep up on news media stories about grazing.

The Lands Council - Protecting the woods, waters, and wildlife of the Inland Pacific Northwest.

The Nature Conservancy - They protect land by buying it.

Total Yellowstone Page.

Turner Endangered Species Fund.  

Wyoming Outdoor Council - Wyoming's most important environmental group.

Yellowstone Journal on-line.

Yellowstone Net. I occasionally write a column for these good folks. 


Griztrax.net. Good times in wild country.

Musicians United to Sustain the Environment

About my father, Ralph Maughan (deceased July 3, 2006). I'm actually a Jr.

The Endangered Species Chocolate Company. Buy a "Wolf Bar" or a "Grizzly Bar." The Endangered Species Bars® were created in an effort to raise social and environmental awareness by using the finest Belgian chocolate and all natural ingredients available. In addition to including environmentally educational information on each of our wrappers, we support a variety of organizations committed to the protection and preservation of endangered animals and their habitats. With their attractive wrappers, high quality gourmet Belgian chocolate and cause-related appeal, the Endangered Species Bars® will greatly satisfy both your taste buds and your conscience in a single bite!

New. 7-6-06. Oregon Department of Kick Ass. Web site of Vanessa Renwick, a rabble rousing film maker. We are some of the rabble she has roused.

Politics and Science. Investigating the State of Science under the Bush Administration. Rarely, if ever, has there been an Administration so disrespectful and manipulative of science. This website counters the sophistry of Bush science.

Wilderness Hunter. Website devoted to wilderness and hunting.

Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide. Comprehensive web site about travel, recreation, and the Greater Yellowstone outdoors.

Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. Monitoring the Largest Volcanic System in North America.

Tim Norton Art. Norton makes great wild landscape and wildlife spirit art, especially appealing to those who love central Idaho.


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