First photos of Pacific Creek Pack

Feb. 11, 2006

Jackson Hole saw two new wolf packs in 2005 -- the Flat Creek Pack and the Pacific Creek Pack joined the long standing Teton Pack in the great valley and surrounding mountains.

The Pacific Creek pack mostly held down the northern end, all the way to the south boundary of Yellowstone Park. This winter the Teton Pack and the Flat Creek Pack have preyed mostly on the National Elk Refuge and pretty much ignored the state feedgrounds up the Gros Ventre River.

They have not been able to place any radio collars on the Pacific Creek Pack, and its size is only an estimate -- 6-11 wolves. I was very pleased when Jerry Hannelly of Dubois Wyoming sent me the photo below of what are likely two members of the pack traveling across Willow Flats in the northern part of Grand Teton National Park.

Note that it appears the black wolf may have a collar, but it seems too far back to me -- a roll of fur, but if it is a collar, then it can't be from the Pacific Creek Pack. Nice photos anyway.

Copyright © Jerry Hannelly

Pacific Creek wolf pair in Grand Teton National Park
Copyright © Jerry Hannelly

Copyright © Jerry Hannelly
Photo of Willow Flats (for your reference)

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