Hiking Guides by Ralph Maughan

Beyond the Tetons: A Backpacking Guide to Wyoming's Teton Wilderness. Pruett Pub. Boulder, CO, 1982. Out of print.

Hiking Idaho, second edition. Formerly "The Hiker's Guide to Idaho" Globe-Pequot $19.95  1984, 1990, 1995, 1997, 2001. Co-authored by Jackie Johnson Maughan.

Published June 2000. Co-author Lee Mercer, Hiking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness Areas. Globe Pequot. Price. Various

Here are a few photos I have taken while doing field research, i.e., backpacking in the Teton and the Washakie Wilderness. Note that these are large files.

It is my view that the Teton and Washakie Wildernesses are the wildest country left in the 48 states. They are contiguous to one another as well as to the roadless SE corner of Yellowstone NP.  They are very important areas for both grizzly bear and wolf recovery.

Teton Wilderness

 Breccia Cliffs from the west

 Directly beneath the Breccia Cliffs

 Gravel Mountain, Teton Wilderness

 Burned forest, Pinyon Peak, Teton Wilderness

 Headwaters of the South Fork Buffalo River

 North Fork Buffalo River

 Pacific Creek



Washakie Wilderness

Deer Creek canyon (and gorge)

Carter Mountain from Wapiti Ridge

Dundee Mountain View from Meadow Creek.

Francs Peak View from Haymaker Pass.

Hidden Basin. View to the west across Hidden Basin.

Sheep Mesa. View from head of Blackwater Creek.

Sheep Mesa. View of Sheep Mesa from the west. From the head of Eyrie Creek.

Eagle Creek Meadows near the head of Eagle Creek.

South Fork Shoshone River.

Yellow Ridge View from across the Greybull River.


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