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There are just three of the reintroduced wolves left in the Greater Yellowstone Recovery Area.

Aug. 22, 2002

During 1995 and 96, 31 wolves from Canada were brought to Yellowstone National Park and released. The 14 wolves released in 1995 came from Alberta. The 17wolves in 1996 came from northeastern British Columbia.

Now close to 300 wolves, including this year's pups, roam the Greater Yellowstone recovery area. But what about the original 31? It turns out that just 3 are still alive.

They are:

1. Wolf R2M, the alpha male of the Leopold Pack who paired with then yearling wolf R7F in the winter of 1995/6 to form the Leopold Pack, the first naturally formed pack in Yellowstone. His mate 7F was killed this late spring, probably by the new rival pack led by 106F (Geode Creek Pack). 2M, who was also a yearling, was released as part of the Crystal Creek Pack and 7F was part of the released Rose Creek Pack. Her mother, famous wolf 9F, who whelped 7F in 1994 in Alberta, has not been seen since last fall and is presumed dead though no body has been found.
2. Wolf R42F, the alpha female of the Druid Peak Pack, who rose to her position in 2000 after helping kill her overly dominant alpha sister 40F.
3. Wolf R41F, the sister of both 42F and 40F, who was chased from the Druid Pack by her sister 40F. She soon found a male disperser (52M) from the Rose Creek Pack. Together they formed the Sunlight Basin Pack just east of the Park, and have had pups every year since their first in 1999. 41F currently has another litter of 6 pups.

For a summary of what happened to all 31 wolves see:

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In light of the attrition of the original 31, it's kind of funny to hear some anti-wolf people still complaining about those "damn Canadian wolves."

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