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Whatever happened to the Saddleback (male Druid wolf)?

Dec. 30, 2002

This story is really just a note on some events long past, but which I only now learned of.

In the spring of 1999, the Druid Pack as usual, prior to the death of 40F, produced a relatively small litter -- 6 pups. By May of 2000 only 2 survived. Both uncollared, they were referred to as "The Streak" and "The Saddleback" by wolf watchers. Although overshadowed by the tumultuous events of that month (the killing of alpha female 40F by her sister and probably her daughters), in late May, the Streak was found dead near Soda Butte, hit by a vehicle.

Some have wondered whatever happened to the Saddleback?

He was never collared. In Feb. 2001, he was driven from the pack by the beta male (who some thought was Druid 107M returned). The beta chased the Saddleback and some of the 10-month old pups took up the chase. The Saddleback slowly kept his distance more and more from the pack and disappeared although there is no evidence he died or even left the northern range of Yellowstone (he could be a member of one of the many other packs that have formed with the disintegration of the gigantic Druid Pack).

Ironically in Nov. or Dec. of  2001, the Druid's alpha male, 21M, drove the beta male from the Druid Pack, and his fate has never been learned. Apparently the beta was showed too much interest in Druid 105F (who as of this December has her own group of 4 wolves in Slough Creek).

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