Slough Creek Pack disbanding?
Swan Lake Pack reborn?

May 31, 2006

Ever since the takeover of their den site by the "unknown pack," the Slough Creek Pack has been losing its cohesiveness. Now, Dr. Doug Smith, tells me they are scattered widely. They are here and there in pairs, loners, and small groups. Meanwhile the Unknowns remain cohesive, although their numbers lately have been ten, not eleven. Originally there were twelve of them.

The four Druid wolves have so far avoided trouble with these other wolves, and it appears the location of the Druid Pack's new den site has not been seen by the wandering Unknowns and Sloughs. Smith said that the Druids tend to take a different path to their den site each time. Superficially, at least, this indicates to me an effort to avoid its discovery.

No pups have been seen in the interior packs yet, but pups have now by seen at the Agate Creek Pack's den and the Swan Lake pair has at least one pup. So that pack which once numbered over 20 wolves, may be yet reborn. Jon Trapp of MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks told one of the former Swan Lake Pack wolves which dispersed to the north over a year ago, is now a member of the Moccasin Lake Pack in the vicinity of the northern edge of the Beartooth and Absaroka Mountains.

Previously pups have been seen at the Hellroaring, Leopold, and a new Leopold split off den site.

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