Report from the field. Snowmobiles run amuck in Yellowstone Park. 2-18-2001

Today was the icing on the cake for those of us who are looking forward to the end of snowmobiles in Yellowstone. Today we witnessed why they should be gone tomorrow. 

While coming in from West Yellowstone, we witnessed a snowmobiler swat the backside of a bison, while she was being pushed down the road by about 40 sleds. The bison turned on the snowmobiler, flipping the sled about 8 feet off the road, with the idiot still on the snowmobile. This same group of Snowmobilers then pushed this herd of 16 bison about 4 miles down the road at full gallop, with the riders 6 abreast going down the road. The herd of bison included 3 very pregnant cows. As we watched this go on, we could not believe how insensitive these Snowmobilers were to these animals.

Today was a great day for being a poster child for no snowmobiling in Yellowstone. We saw more off road violations than ever before, with one snowmobiler intentionally making a very large figure 8 in a field that was posted with No Snowmobiles allowed with fines of $50 - $500. This was a blatant act of vandalism.

We also witnessed a group of 8 riders chase after a small herd of cow and calf elk, with the elk actually getting up, and swimming across the Madison River.