Lynne Stone quoted in this story, sent out the following statement today.


The story left out part of the Aldo Leopold quote re. deer.
Leopold said: "So also with cows." I imagine the
livestock-enamored Times-News editors cut that out.

("Just as deer live in mortal fear of wolves, so do mountains live in mortal
fear of deer - so also with cows.")

The last sentence in the story was from a quote I read by David
Mech ... those are his words. Mech said in part: "If the wolf is
to survive, the wolf haters must outnumbered ... outshouted,
out-financed, outvoted" .

The story says Richard W has been guarding the sheep -- not this
year although he did last. The statement about the amount
Defenders pays for compensation ($50,000) is unclear.

The story mentions Bob Jonas' connection to sheepmen, namely the
Laidlaws. Similarly, I have connections to sheep. My great
grandfather brought the first band into Gilliam County in
N.Central Oregon in the 1870s. During the Great Depression, my
mother's family lived on mutton. To this day, she won't eat lamb
in any form. I raised sheep in 4-H. We usually never let them
out of sight of the kitchen window, but the few times I did, one
prize ewe was shot by hunters, and a lamb was killed by my
brother's hounds. Neighbors lost sheep to town dogs, horses
broke their legs getting caught in cattle guards, cows got hit
by cars ... we never thought to call out the government with
their gunships and sharpshooters because we lost stock. It was
just part of ranch life.

More sheep on the way ...

Last Friday, July 20th, I saw Brailsford's sheep wagon #3,
poised near the top of Galena Summit, ready to go down into the
Salmon River watershed ... and into the heart of wolf country.
By now, this band will be in Pole Creek. I saw part of the
outfit near the historic Pole Creek Guard Station last night.

Wolf managers are mum on where the surviving Whitehawk Pack is
hanging out ... but my bet is -- way TOO close to Pole Creek.

I hope I'm wrong, but once Brailsford pushes sheep into Pole
Creek and its steep, rugged tributaries, there will be more wolf
attacks, despite any volunteer guard efforts. With the livestock
industry and their puppet Idaho politicians demanding blood, the
Whitehawk Pack will likely be eliminated. Pole Creek canyon has
been the site of depredations for the last several years. The
allotment boundary goes deep into the White Clouds, all the way
to Three Cabins trailhead on Germania Creek.

After the bashing in June that Sawtooth Forest Supervisor Bill
LeVere reportedly received from Idaho's politicians, Idaho
Cattleman's Association and other industry groups, I doubt
LeVere will dare to tell Brailsford to avoid coming too close to
the pack's current rendezvous site.

It's heartbreaking to sit here in Stanley, and look at the storm
clouds hanging over the Sawtooth Valley and White Cloud
foothills, and know these same clouds are over a mother wolf and
nine pups who are probably living on borrowed time.

Lynne Stone, Boulder-White Clouds Council, Stanley 208-774-3065

P. S. WHAT CAN PEOPLE DO? If you know supporters of any of
Idaho's Congressional Delegation, urge them to talk to Senators
Crapo & Craig, Rep. Simpson, and Gov. Kempthorne in support of
wolves. If you know cattle or sheepmen, urge them to learn to
live with wolves, and accept a few losses (see letter from New
Mexico rancher Jim Winder). Also, inform those owning livestock
and/or leasing pasture for grazing that it's no longer necessary
to do this to receive a tax break if landowners enter into a
conservation plan with a non-profit group. Also, call/e-mail
Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere and thank him
for his efforts on behalf of wolves, and voice your concern over
any more wolf control on the SNRA. () (Phone
208/737-3200). Supervisor LeVere can't stop USFWS from ordering
wolves killed, but perhaps a fistful of messages from wolf
supporters to show Idaho's politicians, livestock leaders and the
media might help in some way.