Archives of Conservation News Stories in Western Wolf Country

The stories below are roughly arranged in chronological order. Be sure to scroll down so you don't miss updated stories. Unless it is in quotes, the commentary is mine.

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Articles from November - December 2003

12-31-2003.Salmon recovery plan is coming up short. Effort to save fish, dams not going as expected, but 'adequate' By Robert McClure. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

On the stunning decision by the judge on Yellowstone snowmobiles-
2-21-2003. Snowmobile ruling appeal will take months. By Ryan Ragan. LaramineBoomerang Staff Writer.

12-18-2003. Read the actual text of the judge's decision. "Fund for Animals, Greater Yellowstone Coalition vs. Norton."

1-1-2004. Resorts adjusting to Yellowstone snowmobile ruling. Associated Press.
12-28-2003. Guest Opinion: Judges hold politicians accountable. Billings Gazette. By Jim DiPeso. Republicans for Environmental Protection America.
12-21-2003. Opinion of the Idaho State Journal (Pocatello). Blame the White House for judge's decision on snowmobiles.
12-21-2003. Opinion of the Oregonian.Quieting the roar in Yellowstone: A federal judge properly blocks a plan to expand snowmobile use in the nation's premier national park
12-18-2003. Opinion of the Idaho Statesman. Our View: More noise, no closure in snowmobile controversy
12-18-2003. Opinion of the New York Times. Banishing Snowmobiles.
12-18-2003.National forests offer option to Yellowstone snowmobiling. Wyoming plans to appeal ban in national park. Idaho Statesman.
12-18-2003. Confusion reigns on 1st day of park snowmobile season. By Brett French. Billings
Gazette Outdoor Writer.

12-17-2003. Judge chokes snowmobiles. Ruling rejects Bush plan, calls for no sleds during winter of 2004-05.By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Hole News and Guide.
12-17-2003. Judge revives ban on Yellowstone snowmobiles era rule, snowmobiles will be phased out of Yellowstone during the next two years. By Brent Israelsen. The Salt Lake Tribune.
Does the petulant statement by the off road vehicle shill that "It's one more step in removing families, the elderly and those who prefer vehicles from America's public lands" make sense?" Do families prefer snowmobiles to snowcoaches? Do the elderly prefer a jarring ride on a snowmobile to a snowcoach? Has anyone noticed vehicles disappearing from America's public lands, or have you instead noticed an increase in damaging hill climbs, and the widening of trails into ATV highways?

12-16-2003. Judge strikes down Bush snowmobile plan for Yellowstone! By Jack Sullivan. AP. Newsday.
12-16-2003. Yellowstone Court Decision Draws Swift Approval. Newswire.

12-16-2003. Decision on YNP snowmobiles comes down to the wire. Bozeman Chronicle. By Scott McMillion.
Snowmobiling under new rules slated to begin tomorrow. Decision today could derail that.

12-30-2003. Q&A: Mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease compared. By Melissa Trujillo. The Pioneer Press. AP.
Just as the recent mad cow scare is causing the Bush Administration to take "downer" cows out of the food supply, now attention turns to the wildlife prionic disease, CWD, where wolves might be of help. See
"Critics fighting chronic wasting disease ponder a natural partner -- wolves." By Theo Stein. Denver Post. This hasn't been proven because as of yet there is no overlap between wolves and mad elk disease, but the argument sounds plausible.

12-30-2003. Colorado's governor lets oil field executives set state wildlife policy. Editorial by by Denver Post.

12-29-2003. Opinion of the Denver Post. Dealing with both chronic wasting disease and mad cow disease may involve actions politicians are not willing to make. My view is the failure to contain and prevent disease is as often a political as a medical/veterinary problem.

12-28-2003. Wolf activists howling mad over Alaska kill plan. By Sherry Devlin of the Missoulian. I haven't covered the Alaska wolf kill controversy much because I think these folks should be saving their ammo for a bigger issue. It is irritating that the state of Alaska is shooting wolves by aircraft over a 500 square mile area. However, this is not a large area. The Greater Yellowstone is about 18,000 square miles. The current regime in Alaska's plans are miniscule to what is likely to happen in Wyoming if that state should gain management of the wolves.

12-22-2003. Federal court holds ranchers in contempt for grazing on national forest lands in New Mexico. News release. It's astonishing they have avoided prison after violating an order of the 10th Circuit.

12-22-2003. Cody Group to try to kill 500 coyotes. Billings Gazette. Although this group no doubt hates wolves too, reducing the coyote population will probably benefit the local wolves who have caught a bad case of mange from the coyotes. As stated by the spokesman for the local museum, reducing coyotes is well known to increase fox populations. See my "Sunlight Basin Pack in Bad Shape."

12-21-2003. Bush team deadly to wildlife. By Penelope Purdy, Denver Post Editorial Board. "When it comes to the environment, President George W. Bush may be the worst president the nation has had in at least a century."

12-20-2003. Oil ire on public lands. By Penelope Purdy. Denver Post.
Column on how the oil industry is raping our public lands while they claim they are "locked out."

12-20-2003. Vanishing habitat, cougars take toll on Selkirk Mountains caribou herd. By Nicholas K. Geranios. AP. Seattle Times. Fortunately their number hasn't declined further the last couple years.

12-17-2003. Agreement may put Mexican wolf at further risk, some say.  By Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News. It's pretty clear to me that the restoration of the Mexican wolf has not been very successful, mostly because of political constraints such as their limitation to a small, politically determined "recovery zone." This agreement will probably put a nail in the coffin of the restoration of this sub-species.

On the Wyoming brucellosis-
This needs to be followed closely as there will be a strong political/psychological incentive to blame wildlife.

12-30-2003. USDA officially confirms brucellosis infection in Wyoming herd. AP
12-18-2003. Brucellosis: a community disease. The Sublette Examiner. By Cat Urbigkit.
12-17-2003. All 31 Brucellosis-infected Wyoming cattle had been vaccinated for the disease
Associated Press.

12-9-2005. Brucellosis in a second Wyoming cattle herd? Casper Star Tribune. By Joan Barron. So will Wyoming really lose its brucellosis free status now?
High stakes and plenty of politics brewing just out of sight.
12-9-2003. Montana likely won’t ban cattle from Wyoming. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette State Bureau.
12-7-2003. Brucellosis: One more herd, and Wyoming's "brucellosis free" status goes. By Cat Urbigkit. Special to the Casper Star-Tribune.

It wouldn't have come to this if Wyoming officials had not stuck their heads in the sand when asked to phase out the elk feedgrounds.
12-6-2003. Cow herd south of Pinedale, Wyoming is infected with brucellosis! Denver Post. By Robert W. Black. AP.
This really an important development. It appears the cattle were infected by a nearby elk feedlot. Most conservation groups in Wyoming have been trying to phase out these state elk feedgrounds for years because they are breeding grounds of disease. The brucellosis infection rate among elk on these feedgrounds has always been high, much higher than among the bison in Yellowstone Park which Montana DOL kills because of their alleged brucellosis danger even though there are no cattle in the area.
Because Wyoming could now lose its coveted "brucellosis free" status this threat could be the thing that finally breaks thorough the myth-making and backward thinking of the livestock industry and Game and Fish Commission in the state, although no one should hold their breath. For people steeped in myth, disconfirmation of the myth often results in a call for more of the same.
Note that the brucellosis infection in the Greater Yellowstone is an exotic disease brought to the area by infected cattle in the first place.

12-14-2003. Reviving species - with a puppet and planes. In bid at repopulation, costumed pilots lead whooping cranes on their old migration south. By Neal Thompson. Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor.

12-14-2003. Bush's Energy Policy Lives Where the Deer and the Antelope Play. By Felicity Barringer. New York Times. This is about the tremendous natural gas development just outside Pinedale, Wyoming in crucial antelope and elk winter range. The BLM puts certain restrictions on the drilling to protect wildlife (apparently for public consumption because they are later generally waived).

Drilling on The Mesa near Pinedale. July 2003. Photo by Ralph Maughan

12-14-2003. Facts ignored in Yellowstone. Opinion of the Denver Post. "Nothing in the Bush administration's half-baked [snowmobile] compromise fixes the problems.

12-14-2003. Poaching in Yellowstone keeps rangers busy. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman  Chronicle Staff Writer. Arrested poachers are getting hit hard in the wallet, and some are landing in jail. Fortunately, it doesn't appear the among of poaching has increased.

12-13-2003. Sixteen sheep dead in separate wolf conflicts with sheep in Paradise Valley, MT. AP. Apparently this is the Lone Bear pack's doing, the first for that pack. I had expected it would be the Mill Creek or Sheep Mountain pack as most depredations have been in the past. Lucky for the ranchers it was wolves, rather than coyotes. They get paid if wolves get their sheep, but not for the more common coyotes.

12-12-2003. Montana considers expanding elk hunting to help manage herds. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. This proposal certainly takes the wind out of the argument that wolves have decimated the Montana elk population.

12-11-2003. Sorting out the Season: Confusion surrounds new rules for Yellowstone snowmobile use. By Brett French. Billings Gazette Outdoors Writer.

12-11-2003. Tests show still no chronic wasting disease in Montana. By Jennifer McKee. Billings Gazette. This happy news reaffirms the year 2000 initiative Montana voters passed that banned new game farms, the expansion of existing game farms, and banned fees for shooting penned deer and elk. The initiative was passed despite the opposition of many of the state's powerful special interests. Too bad Colorado and Wyoming were not so wise, as well as my home state of Idaho which is just begging to contract the disease.

12-11-2003. Montana GOP still wants all federal land; bad idea, says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Schweitzer and access group.By Scott McMillion.Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.
Brian Schweitzer for Governor (Democrat). Montana Republican Party Platform.

12-11-2003. Grizzlies hear 'dinner bell' when hunters move in, researchers say. By Scott McMillion, Chronicle Staff Writer. I have reported on this study off and on over the last year. It's good to see the regular media finally pick it up.

12-11-2003. Notable Changes in Thermal Activity at Norris Geyser Basin Provide Opportunity to Study Hydrothermal System. USGS. You've read all the media about changes at Norris. Now here is the scientific report on the 2003 changes.

12-10-2003. Stacking the Hunt. By Wayne Pacello. New York Times op ed. I am pro-hunting when it is an ethical hunt -- when the hunter has a philosophy, and believes the hunt is true adventure that can involve hardship, physical danger, and no guarantee of success. These canned hunts are disgusting and should be banned. Game farms are also a source many potential diseases that could pass to real wildlife, livestock and humans.

12-9-2003. Stew Churchwell: [Western Watersheds Project] group puts focus on lawbreakers after lawbreakers. Guest opinion. Idaho Statesman. Folks owe a lot to WWP's legal efforts to protect tributary stream after tributary stream from illegal barriers and diversion. Reporters sometimes go after WWP because they don't make nice and have no fear of attacking pompous politicians.

12-9-2003, Glacier Park entrance employees will not be privatized. By Chris Petersen. Hungry Horse News.
12-9-2003. Yellowstone National Park to upgrade recycling efforts. Associated Press.

12-7-2003. Will Chronic Wasting ("mad elk/deer") disease come to Idaho? Idaho Statesman. While Montana voters passed an initiative to largely ban game farms and don't winter feed, Idaho has a growing number of game farms which serve to dangerously concentrate elk, and winter feeding of wild elk and deer is starting to crop up (some "feeders" have found their way onto the Idaho Fish and Game Commission).  Idaho even had a brucellosis-infected cow herd recently due to illegal feeding of dairy cows and infected Wyoming elk just inside the Idaho border.

12-7-2003. Yellowstone Lake's bulge and increased activity at Norris spawns predictions of disaster and conspiracy theories on the web. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. I have received a few emails asking if the Park is about to blow.

12-7-2003. Will "Forest Health" bill be a jobs bill? By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. Thinning all those trees next to communities could create a lot of jobs. On the other hand, inasmuch as the money is used to for traditional logging, far from where fires damage private property, it will generate fewer job due to the highly mechanized nature of logging today.

12-5-2003.Slain wolf likely last male in the Bow Valley pack. Death the third in the region in two months. Sonia Kuczaj For The Calgary Herald. This is probably the end of the Bow Valley Pack in Banff. The wolf was hit on a highway just east of the national park, but not on the Trans-Canada.

12-5-2003. Most letters in latest round of comments against park snowsled plan. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. 100,000 new comments have been received. As has always been the case in the vast majority  are against snowmobiling in YNP. No doubt this opposition will be ignored. The only thing opponents can really do is get out their credit card and/or volunteer their time to get rid of the problem in the White House.

12-5-2003. Wyoming Game and Fish gains habitat to make up for reconstruction of highway from Cody to YNP. Billings Gazette.

12-4-2003. Accused Yellowstone Park elk poachers arraigned at Mammoth. Cody Enterprise.

12-4-2003. President signs forest-thinning bill. New wildfire law major policy shift. By Mike Soraghan, Denver Post Washington Bureau. The bill was much modified from the original which would have paid for thinning out the fire prone small trees by cutting down the fire resistant big trees. Only hard core timber industry people thought that made sense, and it made sense to them only because what they really cared about was timber supply, not homes or watersheds.
Instead, now the public land management agencies now have general fund money (actually an appropriation has yet to be made; this new law is just an money authorization).
A lot depends whether Forest Service and BLM fire professionals will have primary say where the money goes and the project areas chosen or whether they will be overridden by their political bosses and the money diverted into traditional logging.
The details in this bill and the actual direction taken by the administrators will make all the difference.
I doubt few who read this web page are willing to trust the Bush Administration after the daily pounding they give our outdoor American heritage.

12-4-2003. Public land planning is allowed to slip into private hands by Bush Administration. The Oregonian. The fact that the plan for Oregon's fabulous Steen's Mountain was written, not by the BLM, but by a firm with close ties to the mining industry is not a fluke. Bush, under what legal authority I don't know, is firing Forest Service and BLM people are replacing them with consultants who charge high fees and have narrow interests in mind. Not surprisingly, the generation long struggle to protect Steen's Mountain has ended up with a proposal to keep a maximum amount of area open to mining.

12-3-2003. Scientist has reservations about Wyoming wolf plan. Casper Star Tribune. This is about Dr. Dave Mech's comments.
12-2-2003. State wolf plans get 'experts' approval: Reviews say plans are adequate, but ringing endorsement not given. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
The 3 state wolf plans seem to have passed the "peer review" stage with lukewarm endorsement.

12-3-2003. As wolves return to Wisconsin, kill tally rises. By Anita Weier. Capital Times. This is similar to many earlier articles published about Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Michigan, etc. Yes, the "kill tally" rises, but it's not much in the large scheme of things, or even in the small. It wouldn't even be news if the killing was by coyotes or anything except wolves.

12-3-2003. National Elk Refuge vaccination plan continues apace. By Whitney Royster. Casper Star-Tribune correspondent. Vaccinating the elk is pointless got controlling brucellosis in the elk  because the vaccine barely works, if at all. It is a cattle vaccine. What is transpiring can best be understood as a ritual. Ritual and myth are always closely related. Ritual is performed to perpetuate belief in a myth, in this case that Wyoming can treat elk like livestock and winter feed them in feedlots without enduring serious consequences of disease transmission. The feedlot elk actually produce fewer elk calves per cow than the elk that "winter out."

12-3-2003. Indefatigable Western Watersheds Project appeals new East Fork Salmon Grazing allotment plan. News Release. Folks may recall the alert on this then promising revision of the grazing plan. Many of you responded to the alert. Thank you! Public comment was strongly opposed to continuing the tired old ways of the East Fork ranchers.  Unfortunately, the plan was watered down under withering political pressure. Now the Western Watersheds Project is appealing the new plan. This area is critical for Idaho wolves and much of the cow tarnished, but still beautiful core of central Idaho.

12-2-2003. Knapweed sniffing dog helps find new infestations. Bozeman Chronicle. By Ron Tschida.

12-2-3003. Organ Pipe National Monument barrier expected to keep drugs, illegal immigrants out. By Michael Marizco. Arizona Daily Star. Illegal immigration by vehicle through Organ Pipe is ruining the national monument, presents a danger to legal American visitors and is an opportunity for terrorists. The fact that money rich Homeland Security should be paying for this, but isn't is another sad commentary on the deficiencies of this Administration's war on terror.

12-1-2003. FERC should deny Hells Canyon relicensing, remove dams. Opinion by Donovan Bramwell. Idaho State Journal.

12-1-2003. Yellowstone antelope poacher arrested after standoff. NPS Morning Report. Stevens Creek is the north boundary of the Park. If you are not acquainted with the NPS Morning Report, you might find it a worthwhile bookmark.

12-1-2003. Believing in the power of nature. The recovery of forestlands after some of Oregon's greatest fires proves the resiliency of the Earth. Commentary by Dan Butler. The Oregonian.

12-1-2003. Idaho professor aims to cut winter smog in Intermountain West cities. By Dan Gallagher. AP. Salt Lake, Boise, Missoula . . . they all have terrible pollution problems in the winter when a high pressure area stalls overhead.

12-1-2003. Companies to Join to Protect Canada's Boreal Forests. Wall Street Journal as reported in the New York Times.

11-30-2000. Cougar sightings increasing in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. By Dan Egan. The cougar is supposed to be extinct in these states.

11-30-2003. At 30, Endangered Species Act still breeds controversy. By Theo Stein. Denver Post Environment Writer. My belief is that positive incentives for landowners would greatly enhance the popularity of this act. I also believe the act is being fiscally starved -- with calculated forethought by its critics who want to make the Act, out of fiscal necessity, punitive and unpopular. In other words some of our elected officials who are critical of the act are being deceitful about their motivations. They want species to die off but to say so would be too unpopular.

11-29-2003. The "High Elk Corridor," a Colorado effort to save elk migration routes from subdivisions. Denver Post. Website on the corridor.

11-29-2003. Golden Eagles Could Die to Save Threatened Foxes on Santa Cruz Island. LA Times.

11-26-2003. Crimes Against Nature. Bush is sabotaging the laws that have protected America's environment for more than thirty years. Rolling Stone. By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

11-26-2003. Idaho officials want more logging on state land. Idaho Statesman. Idaho state lands are managed pretty much according to the principles of 1890 -- no multiple use, no sustained yield, no consideration of anything but the short run. They are going to really ramp up logging in one of northern Idaho's principal recreation spots and the last American refuge of woodland caribou because of their losses in the stock market.

11-15-2003. Bush Administration privatizes Forest Service jobs despite expensive studies showing privatization does not save money.3 articles, including one on 11-26.

11-26-2003. Energy boom gives Wyoming wildlife little room. Growth of all kinds in Sublette County threatens Jackson Hole mule deer, pronghorn herds. By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Hole News and Guide. Sublette County includes part of the Wind River Mountains and the vast high desert just to their west where massive industrialization of public lands is taking place.

11-26-2003. Court battle over YNP snowmobiles goes on, but judge will not issue injunction that would affect upcoming Park snowmobile season. By Jack Sullivan. AP. Bozeman Chronicle.

11-25-2003. Rural sprawl eats up Colorado. State ranchette exemption begets boom. By David Olinger. Denver Post Staff Writer.
11-25-2003. Albuquerque voters swipe at sprawl by April Reese. High Country News. "
Plan to build commuter expressway through national monument hits roadblock."

11-25-2003. Salt Lake Tribune on the sleazy dealings of the Utah legislature on grazing and property rights of environmental groups.


11-25-2003. Bozeman City Commission passes resolution to support more non-motorized on Gallatin National Forest. Bozeman Daily Chronicle. By Walt Williams

11-24-2003. Bighorn sheep in backyards of Provo, Utah, city dwellers cause concern. By Brent Prettyman. Salt Lake Tribune. Provo, UT sits at the base of a rugged portion of the Wasatch Mountains. Rock Creek canyon is lined with cliffs, seemly ideal bighorn habitat, but may be not as good as the lawns below.

11-24-2003. Wintertime gas drilling causes concern about deer habitat on the Pinedale anticline. Associated Press.

11-24-2003. Lack of ATV rules makes forest officials' jobs tougher.  Associated Press. " 'We don't want to see proliferation or really any new routes created. We are just concerned that the trend is to pretty severely restrict access,' said Bill Dart, of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, which supports multiple use on public lands."
With the thousands of unengineered, unplanned trails being created on most national forests, what is this Bill Dart from the "Blue Smoke Coalition" talking about? . . . "the trend is to pretty severely restrict access" . . . clearly not true


-The Energy Bill-
11-26-2003. Good riddance, energy bill ... Opinion of the Denver Post.

11-24-2003.Senate gives up on energy legislation for this year, despite last minute White House Pressure. By H. Josef Hebert. Associated Press Writer. San Francisco Chronicle.
They'll be back next year!
11-24-2003. Washington Post opinion. Congratulations on killing the energy bill.

11-23-2003. Great Falls Tribune says "Hope the Energy Bill stays stalled."
11-22-2003. GOP brass can't pass pork-filled energy bill. 6 Republicans refuse to block filibuster by Senate Democrats. By Zachary Coile, San Francisco Chronicle Washington Bureau.
The following brave Republicans simply could not stomach this awful bill:
Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Judd Gregg and John E. Sununu of New Hampshire, Susan M. Collins and Olympia J. Snowe, both of Maine, and John S. McCain of Arizona. Most Democrats voted to keep filibustering, but a number of them from farm states were bought off by the ethanol provisions.

11-23-2003. Promotion of acreages to outsiders begins in one of driest places in the Greater Yellowstone. By Lorna Thackeray. Billings Gazette. Just 5 inches a year. Buyer beware!
Below are articles on "Beartooth Valley Ranch."

11-23-2003. Less protection for Wisconsin wolves? As wolf population increases, state considers delisting them from threatened to protected species. By Monique Balas. Green BayNews-Chronicle. "We hadn't expected the wolf population to grow as fast as they have in the Midwest,' said Ron Refsnider, a regional endangered species listing coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service."
With 1.4 million deer, they really shouldn't be surprised.
11-22-2003. Despite Wisconsin wolf recovery, white-tail deer population out of control, more human hunting needed. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There are 1.4 million deer in Wisconsin -- almost 30 per square mile.

11-21-2003. Danger stalks the foothills. By Gwen Florio. Denver Post Staff Writer.
The article starts trying to be really scaaary, but eventually gets more balanced and interesting. It's about cougar and people in the endless mountain sprawl near Denver.

11-20-2003. Hear the call of the grouse. By Penelope Purdy, Denver Post Editorial Board. This is on effort to save the Gunnison sage grouse which was just determined to be a separate species from the sage grouse, the latter being in terrible trouble itself.

11-19-2003. Daschle sells out on the energy bill. ABC News. This probably dooms efforts to filibuster it.

11-18-2003. Republicans reject Baucus' efforts to halt Front drilling. By Farith Bremner. Great Falls Tribune Washington Bureau. Truly a sad day for Montana and a disgusting performance by Montana Senator Conrad Burns.
11-18-2003 Urgent! Energy Bill Alert! Please act today. This bill makes energy production the dominant use of our public lands.

11-17-2003. BLM Director Kathleen Clarke had Utah dealings despite recusal. By Christopher Smith. The Salt Lake Tribune. More Bush public lands scandal. Clarke has an amazing defense . . . she was just following Utah tradition which tolerates conflict of interest as long as you announce it!

In retrospect, it was analyses like that below, in many newspapers and web sites that killed the energy bill. . . rm 11-26-03

The awful energy bill is ready for final passage. The only thing that can save our wildlife, open space and pockets from this anti-democratic, crony capitalism monstrosity is an another filibuster from Senate Democrats. Please contact your U.S. Senator and ask them to filibuster this. Your can find your senator and the way to contact them at

11-14-2003. Poll: Some despair among National Park employees. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau.

11-14-2003. Wildfires took a heavy toll on animals living in the wild. By Daisy Nguyen, Associated Press.

11-14-2003. They Blinded Me with Pseudo Science. The Bush administration is jettisoning real scientists in favor of yes-men. Grist Magazine. By by Amanda Griscom. Read this and worry, for the same Craig Manson of USFWS who brought in the fake science on Missouri River (described above) will be making the finally decision on delisting the wolves, not the wolf biologists or wolf managers with whose names you are familiar.

11-13-2003. Critics Fear Energy Plan Will Tame a Wild Land. By Julie Cart, LA Times Staff Writer. More on Bush's proposed war on the wild Montana Rocky Mountain Front.

11-13-2003. Our National Parks are rich in more than beauty. Casper Star Tribune. By Tim Malloy. AP. The parks are a bonanza for many Western communities, yet the Bush Administration shortchanges their appropriations. I think the parks are just one example how this Administration lets our natural, social, and economic infrastructure decay as sacrifices on their alter of extreme right wing ideology.

11-13-2003. New snowmobiles barely pass Yellowstone Park's new cleanliness test. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. It is also possible the rules were bent a bit so they could pass.

11-10-2003. Wind River Range glacier melts and releases glacial lake in a flood. Casper Star Tribune. AP
11-12-2003. The day the Grasshopper burped. A glacier melts in the Wind Rivers, unleashing a 600-million-gallon flood. By Angus M. Thuermer Jr. Jackson Hole News and Guide. This is a longer, more detailed version of the story.

11-12-2003. San Francisco couple try more natural sheep ranching approach. Sheep business sets environmental goals. Idaho Mountain Express. By Greg Moore. I understand these folks are for real. The article is not a bunch of pro-livestock fluff. They are much better than the folks they bought out, some of whom were a real nasty bunch. The big question is can anyone stay in business anymore raising sheep.

11-12-2003. Yellowstone Business Council says healthy environment key to Greater Yellowstone business success. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette.

11-11-2003. Wolf attacks drain money set aside to reimburse Wisconsin farmers for losses. By Tom Held. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wisconsin farmers are reimbursed by the state, not Defenders of Wildlife. They are about $35,000 short statewide. Is $35,000 a lot of money when spread over an entire state?

11-11-2003. Bull elk poached in YNP along US 191. Yellowstone Park. News Release.

11-9-2003. Bears blamed for most Yellowstone elk calf deaths. Bozeman Chronicle. By Scott McMillion. This pretty much contradicts the anti-wolf orthodoxy.

11-8-2003. Bush Administration stabs Utah's Leavitt in the back even as he joins them. Editorial by the Salt Lake Tribune.". . . a demonstration that the Bush administration's policy is to treat the West as a resource-rich Third World country, to be squeezed dry for the short-term profit of others."

11-8-2003. Geologists monitor activity under Yellowstone Lake. Written by: Chris Vanderveen, 9NEWS Reporter.Posted by: Paola Farer, Web Producer. This has a nice video with the story.

11-6-2003.Yellowstone Lake shoreline has unique features more similar to coastal areas. Newswise.

11-6-2003. Focus on habitat: Gallatin Wildlife Association is not your average environmental group. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer.

More 11-5. Agency heads back Interior finding on power plants. By Mike Stark. The agency heads might support it, but then they are Bush's political appointees, mostly doctrinaire right wing partisans of big business. The professional public servants in the trenches know our laws and environment and being subverted daily.
More 10-31.
Lawsuit filed over permitting Roundup plant. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Gazette Wyoming Bureau.
"Environmental groups sued the Bush administration on Thursday over its surprise decision earlier this year to withdraw its concerns that a coal-fired power plant near Roundup would adversely affect air quality at Yellowstone National Park."
10-30-2003. Administration Approves Power Plant that Threatens Visibility in Yellowstone. Experts Warn Plant Will Violate Clean Air Act. EarthJustice.

11-5-2003. Bush to dramatically cut back protection of wetlands. LA Times.
Another administration attack on wildlife and clean water.

11-4-2003. Mexican wolf restoration project stalls out a low level due to illegal killings and political constraints. By Anne Minard. New York Times. There is little hope the Mexican wolf will ever be recovered because the reintroduction plan restricts the wolves to a small area in Arizona and New Mexico that does not even correspond to natural features.

11-4-2003. In an Outdoors Paradise, Fears About New Drilling. By Blaine Harden. Washington Post Staff Writer. My view after watching for 3 years is this Administration seeks out special outdoor places, places full of wildlife, scenery, outdoor adventure and seeks to ruin them with the same or perhaps more enthusiasm than it attacks Al Queda.
I hope many Americans will take the time this summer to visit Montana's great Rocky Mountain Front to see what the Administration is trying to take away from us, and then if you have time travel to the same Front in Alberta, not Banff NP, but where the Front rises boldly from he plains and see the tragedy of massive natural gas development.

11-3-2003. Ranchers are signing on to voluntary buyout. By Andy Kerr, director. National Public Lands Grazing Campaign. Headwaters News. The national public lands grazing buyout is gaining steam, but it well never happen as long as Bush is President.

11-2-2003. Mountain lion kittens frozen to railroad tracks saved by inspector. By Martin J. Kidston, Helena Independent Record Staff Writer.

11-2-2003. Governor Leavitt reverses, creates task force to protect wild lands. By Dan Harrie. Salt Lake Tribune. The Outdoor Industry Association has done a lot of good in Utah convincing some key politicians that they need to listen to more than the oil, gas and coal industry and the tiny number of ranchers in this scenic, but largely desert state.

11-1-2003. Antarctic ice shelf is melting rapidly, scientists warn. Tim Radford. The Guardian.

11-1-2003. Rabies threatens existence of the rare Ethiopian wolf. AP. By Anthony Mitchell.

11-1-2003. Energy bill's oil, gas emphasis worries environmentalists. By Ted Monoson. Billings Gazette Washington Bureau. The bill is so bad it even excludes the omnipresent drilling fluids from the safe drinking water act.


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