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4-30-2002. Feds paying to close Colorado elk farms. U.S. pays to kill healthy animals in area with CWD. By Theo Stein. Denver Post.

4-29-2002. Diseased deer may pose risk to humans. Experts investigate link between infected venison and deadly brain illness. By John Fauber. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff. It has commonly been stated there is no known link between mad elk/deer disease and the human variety called "variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease." Let's hope not.
4-26-2002. Wisconsin to cull deer in effort to stop mad deer disease. ENN.
Chronic wasting disease has spread to Wisconsin with a deer population of over 1-million. Folks should note that decimation of Wisconsin deer by this disease would leave the Wisconsin wolves without prey. By Julie Ingwersen. Reuters. Related. Funds sought to fight deer disease. Wildlife officials say $4 million needed, no time for budget talks. By Richard P. Jones. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel staff.

4-27-2002. Energy Bill passes Senate and goes to conference committee with the House. Environmentalists Fume. MSNBC. Although the Senate blocked drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the bill as a whole is awful, with the House version being the worst of the two. With luck it will die in conference committee. 4-27. Related. Energy Policy unleashed early on Wyoming landscape. By Meredith Taylor. Wyoming Outdoor Council.

4-25-2002. Rancher, wolf advocates seek common ground Family ranch welcomes talks about predators. Idaho Statesman. Sheep rancher Soulen has lost more sheep to wolves than any producer in Idaho. Her perspective was refreshing, and doubly so after discussing the matter with the obdurate Idaho Cattle Association at the Boise Interagency wolf conference this week.

4-24-2002. Opinion of the Idaho Statesman: Idaho Fish and Game’s misfire takes shot at public trust. Once again the Fish and Game commission is giving the Department a black eye.

4-22-2002. Idaho Statesman. Our View: Wolves challenge Idaho; is Idaho up to the test?

4-21-2002. The Wolves and the Ninemile Valley. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. Finally a story that looks at the entire Ninemile Valley, not just just the complainers, and interactions longest-lasting and most famous wolf pack in Montana.

Bush the energy industry President-
4-21-2002- Drilling battles shift to the Rocky Mountains. 
By Mike Soraghan Denver Post Washington Bureau.
4-21-2002. Bush Policies Have Been Good to Energy Industry By Don Van Natta, Jr. and Neela Banerjee. New York Times.
4-20-2002. Analysis of Alaska drilling defeat. A Stinging Repudiation Engineered by 3 Democrats.
By Eric Pianin. Washington Pos
4-19-2002. Bush Favors Dozens of Sites for Exploration
By Katharine Q. Seelye. New York Times. While the Arctic Refuge is now safe, the administration has big oil and gas plans for the Rocky Mountains. Many of the most scenic and wildlife rich areas are being targeted.  Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah are expected to bear the brunt of the out-of-date energy thinking of the administration.
4-19-2002. Bush Arctic Drilling Plan defeated in U.S. Senate!
By David E. Rosenbaum. New York Times.  Supporters of the drilling couldn't even get a majority. They got 46. They needed 60 votes to kill the filibuster (killing a filibuster takes 60 votes).  How they voted. A "yes" vote was to cut off debate (end the filibuster) and so effectively to drill the Arctic. 

4-20-2002. Wolf vs. rancher: new chapter in Old West dilemma Resurgence of the predator imperils livestock, giving teeth to an old debate. By Todd Wilkinson. Special to The Christian Science Monitor. I think the headline might better read "Social Change vs. Rancher: How wolves serve as scapegoats for change on the range."

4-19-2002. Provision in Farm Bill could lead to wholesale slaughter of Yellowstone elk and bison. New York Times. I had heard a rumor that some state vets had recently met with the cattle association in Reno to cook up a bioterrorism threat excuse for slaughtering bison (and even elk, which they have not dared to try yet). See alert on my alerts page.

4-18-2002. Opinion of the Idaho State Journal (Pocatello). Whose Interests do Idaho congressionals represent? Money trail indicates "cash-heavy oil, timber and mining corporations." This is a bold editorial in the Pocatello paper.

4-18-2002. All of the Ninemile Pack might be killed. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. Unlike the past, killing a few of the Ninemile Pack has not stopped their killing of livestock. It is also disturbing that the sheep farmer quoted seems to have no historical perspective on the pack. He told the Missoulian, "I'm all for taking wolves out of the Ninemile."  Their nature is, they will kill. And as it is starting to prove, domestic animals are way easier to put on their menu." The Ninemile Pack is by far the oldest pack in Montana, predating the wolf reintroduction a long time. Two books have even been written about the pack. They have coexisted with folks in the Ninemile for over a decade.  How could a local person be so unaware of the successful history of the area's wildlife? If domestic animals in the relatively populated Ninemile Valley  were the easier thing to put on their menu, the wolves would have discovered it a long time ago. 

4-17-02. Livestock Hurts Hunting and Fishing. By George Wuerthner.

4-17-2002. Northern elk range in its worst shape ever. Letter to the Bozeman Chronicle. By Bob Ross. Between the two sides of the elk issue the Park Service can't win. This letter says there are too many elk. Friends of the Northern Range Elk says the wolves have killed most of the elk. Historically speaking, this letter by Ross reflects the more long-standing critique. Folks should read the150 page report on-line. Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range. March 2002. By the National Academy of Science. It generally concludes elk are not destroying the Northern Range.
Note: things do look bad this spring and elk:calf ratios are down for the same reason -- drought. The drought is now entering its third year in most of Yellowstone. When it is abnormally dry over a long period, grass doesn't grow, elk don't get enough to eat year round. Elk calf production is low and the landscape looks bad. You don't have to be a genius to figure it out.

4-17-2002. Wasting disease a threat of Colorado's economy. By Charlie Meyers. Denver Post Outdoor Editor.

4-16-2002. Conservationists sue over logging in rural Nevada forests. By Scott Sonner. Las Vegas Sun. This is what folks feared about all the money approved by Congress for decreasing the fuel load in the "urban/wildlands interface" -- big time pork barrel! The forests of rural Nevada . . . that is almost an oxymoron in the nation's driest state.
4-16-2002. Wwp, Partners Sue Blm For Scheme To Raze 47 Square Miles Of Nevada Forest. News Release.

 Once again, it's the Western Watersheds Project to rescue. Join this organization. WWP web site.

4-16-2002. Scientists to Bush: End Logging on the National Forests. AP.

4-16-2002. CWD could remain in ground for years. 3rd wild deer outside ranch has CWD; mass shoot to begin. By Gary Gerhardt. Rocky Mountain News Staff Writer

4-15-2002. Wild about wolves. Tourists come from far and wide to view Yellowstone's new attraction. By Becky Bohrer. Spokesman Review.

4-15-2002. Does arctic refuge video break law? Interior Dept. denies claim by Democrat in energy debate. MSNBC. Gale Norton got the bright idea that a way to promote drilling the arctic refuge would be to show some video of the refuge in the winter. Well, it is the arctic, and it doesn't look like a tourist "must stop" that time of year.

4-14-2002. National Parks' Age Of Decline. Critics Say Bush Hasn't Honored Pledge to Halt Years of Budget Neglect. By Eric Pianin. Washington Post Staff Writer. Bush's propose of increases for hard-pressed Park Service were all smoke and mirrors. She her transparent lobbying effort break federal law?

4-12-2002. Trapper kills last wolf in Denali pack, Sanctuary Pack. Young female taken legally outside the park. By Elizabeth Manning. Anchorage Daily News.

4-12-2002. Area near Boulder, Colorado worst in country for CWD in deer and elk. Boulder Daily Camera.

4-12-2002. Senate GOP Wins Time on Arctic Drilling Plan. Republicans Hope Mideast, Deal on Steelworkers' Aid Will Produce Enough Votes. Washington Post. By Helen Dewar.

4-12-2002. Cheney's Energy Task Force Made Hasty Overture to Enviros. Only Views 'Consistent' With Bush's Sought. Washington Post.

4-10-2002. Environmentalists Propose Voluntary Buyout to 25,000 Public Lands Ranchers. News Release. National Public Lands Grazing Campaign. "From Yuma, Arizona to Malta, Montana, 25,000 public lands ranchers today were put on notice by environmentalists. But the notice they received is anything but punitive."
What an astonishing good idea -- win, win for everybody! Everybody, that is,  except the livestock association lobbyists who would lose their jobs. See: "Groups propose buy out of grazing permits." By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. 4-11-2002

4-10-2002. Wolf killings spark 100 angry e-mails to Fish, Wildlife Service. Associated Press. I think there have been a lot more than 100 (the Idaho State Journal said "1000")
I haven't asked anyone to email USFWS, nor has any large wolf advocate group. So I'd say it is a spontaneous outpouring. If anyone writes, I would ask their letter be as strong as you want, but please remain civil in the use of language. Being nasty like the anti-wolf people won't help.

4-9-2002. More wild deer test positive for CWD on Colorado's west slope. Test results dash hopes disease confined. By Theo Stein Denver Post Environment Writer,

4-9-2002. Enviro group gives zeros to Wyoming delegation. AP. Wyoming politicians who got a goose egg may protest, but rating members of Congress on their final roll call votes is usually more generous than they deserve. This is because much of the dirty work is done in committee, whereas many members of Congress try to appear better on these issues when the vote comes to the floor. The Wyoming delegation probably deserves a rating worse than zero.

4-8-2002. Hatred toward wolves a sign of something much bigger. By Todd Wilkinson. Bozeman Chronicle. Wilkinson says in this colu. mn pretty much what I have been trying to say for a long time -- wolf haters hate a lot more than wolves, and that's why killing wolves when they demand it pays no dividend of good will. They are inconsolable by any payment, any accommodation, even by total elimination of wolves. They will still be hostile. Domination of the land and of other people is what they are about.

4-7-2002. Wasting disease casts pall on hunting-dependent Western Slope. By Theo Stein. Denver Post Environment Writer.
4-6-2002. Mad Elk Disease Isolates Colorado Ranch. Billings Gazette.
4-3-2002. A grim hunt on West Slop. Scores of deer killed in effort to determine scope of game disease.
By Theo Stein Denver Post Environment Writer.

4-5-2002. Idaho finally has an incredible steelhead season. By Kelton Hatch. Idaho State Journal. I went to to the Salmon River 2 weeks ago. The steelhead fishing (sea run rainbow trout) was tremendous as were the number of people fishing. This is the kind of economic activity that benefits central Idaho, not Army Corps of Engineer Dams on the Snake River (Salmon River is its tributary) in the state of Washington.

4-5-2002. Abandoned Salt Lake Olympics road allow off road vehicles to tear up the Wasatch Mountains at Salt Lake. Salt Lake Tribune. By Diane Urbani. Deseret News.

4-5-2002. Snowmobilers got record number of citations last winter in Yellowstone. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. Story by Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

4-4-2002. Interest growing in the private conservation of open space. Spokane Spokesman Review.

4-4-2002. Canada finds mad elk disease has spread to Alberta. By Kanina Holmes, Reuters.

4-2-2002. Wolves way down on the list of sheep predators. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer. Although McMillion doesn't mention it in this article, the number of sheep and cattle (almost all calves) lost in Idaho to wolves has declined for 3 years in a row! Montana wolves killed 50 sheep in 2001. Dogs killed 1100 domestic sheep in Montana.

4-2-2002. Move over! by Ray Ring. Will snowmobile tourism relax its grip on a gateway town? High Country News. Some West Yellowstone residents don't like the town being the "Snowmobile Capitol of the world." Is their influence growing?

4-2-2002. Second case of CWD detected in Western Colorado. Denver Post by Theo Stein. 300 deer to be "culled" and tested.
4-2-2002. Utah wants to test its elk and deer.
Salt Lake Tribune. By Brent Isralsen.
4-2-2002. Deer, elk disease moves north from Colorado. B
y Mike Stark. Billings
Wyoming Bureau
3-31-2002. Disease's spread a 'nightmare'. CWD threatens wildlife, economy. By Theo Stein. Denver Post Environment Writer.
Folks should be aware that if mad elk disease gets into Utah, NW Wyoming, Idaho or Montana, it could be the end of elk and deer, and so hunting. I would also mean the demise of wolves and a great reduction in bears. The reason is that the only known way so far to stop mad elk/deer disease is to slaughter all the elk and deer in the infected area.
3-30-2002. Disease of Deer and Elk Spread. Now a Threat to West Slope herds.
Denver Post. By Theo Stein. Mad elk disease has crossed the Continental Divide.
1-24-2002. Jack Fisher: Disease poses threat to Idaho elk, deer. Idaho Statesman. Fisher is the President of the Idaho Wildlife Federation. Idaho is lax on game farms. Having debated the Idaho state vet, Bob Hillman, I found he worries pointlessly about brucellosis in bison as much as his counterpart in Montana, and pays insufficient attention to the threat of mad elk disease.

4-1-2002. Energy Security: It takes more than Drilling. By R. James Woolsey, Amory B. Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins. Christian Science Monitor. This is an article everyone should read.

4-1-2002. Wyoming is Feeling the Pressure to Start Planning for Wolf Delisting. Jim Mann. Kalispell Daily Interlake. Idaho has passed a plan. Montana is working on one. Wyoming government has done nothing. All 3 states need plans before delisting can happen.

4-1-2002. Some Progress on Whirling Disease Research. Bozeman Daily Chronicle By Jacob Goldstein.

3-31-2002. Yellowstone Postpones Snowmobile Phase-up for a year. News Release. This doesn't mean they have abandoned it, and you can still comment on their plan. One can figure, however, this gets them through the Bush term of office.

3-30-2002. Canada considers expansion of Waterton Park by Carlotta Grandstaff. Missoula Independent. This proposal would double the size of Waterton National Park which is adjacent to Glacier National Park in the U.S. Waterton is a very pretty place, but also miniscule compared to Glacier. Most of the Canada Rockies near Waterton have been savaged by natural gas drilling and production of dangerous "sour" (H2S laden) natural gas.

3-29-2002. Entire state of  Montana to get U.S. drought aid. AP. Public recognition of the continuing drought is very important regarding wolf reintroduction because all wildlife are being hurt by this extraordinarily long drought, and yet there are those groups out there blaming the decline in elk, deer, moose, on wolves.

3-28-2002. Just as suspected, Bush energy plan was crafted by energy campaign donors. Environmentalists excluded. LA Times.
3-28-2002. More heat on White House. Probe of energy industry contacts expands. SF Chronicle.

3-27-2002. Four of the Sheep Mountain Pack shot after calf kill. One of the wolves had mange. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. There are now 7 wolves in this pack that was heavily "controlled" before, back in 1999.

3-27-2002. Elk not ruining the park, scientists say. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau. America's most prestigious scientific body has weighed on Yellowstone's longest controversy -- that there are too many elk on the northern range. They say there are not. It's ironic that, ignorant of this 80 year controversy, the new group, "Friends of Northern Range elk" say the wolves are decimating the elk herd. It's doubly ironic because the one species that is really threatened on the northern range is the pronghorn antelope, not elk.
Here is the 150 page report on-line. Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range. March 2002.

3-26-2002. Advocacy group ranks 10 'most endangered national parks' By Christopher Thorne, Associated Press. Yellowstone is one of them.

3-26-2002. Two members of Montana's Ninemile Pack control-killed after killing some llamas. By Sherry Devlin. Billings Gazette. This is Montana's oldest continuous wolf pack. Every other year or so, they kill a bit of livestock. In the past, killing a couple members has always ended attacks on livestock.

3-25-2002. Lawsuit on SE Idaho Pleasantview Allotment settled. Nearly 20% grazing cut agreed to. News Release. The Pleasantview Hills are some fairly obscure BLM country about 40 miles south of where I live (Pocatello, ID). For years the view there has not been pleasant due to grazing abuse. Due to the tenacity of Idaho conservationists there will now be some change on the range.

3-25-2002. Wolf attacks, kills ranch dog in Cameron. By Kayley Mendenhall. Bozeman Chronicle. The Taylor Peaks pack has moved northward, and may have killed this dog in preparation of occupying the area for a den.

3-23-2002. Grave Creek wolf pack kills and eats a Montana hunting hound. Billings Gazette. Wolves have been pretty tough on lion hunting hounds.

3-23-2002. Forest Service cracking down on snowmobile trespassing in Mt. Zirkel Wilderness. Denver Post.

3-21-2002. A Battle for the Soul of a Forest; The desires of industry usually trump the needs of the land. By Rick Bass. LA Times. Folks may know Bass as the author of The Ninemile Wolves.

3-21-2002. Western Republicans try again to curb President's power to create national monuments. Idaho Statesman. They've been trying since Teddy Roosevelt starting spanking their equally backward predecessors in 1906. This bill will make it to the House floor.

3-21-2002. Germany welcomes wolf pack invasion from Poland. By Allan Hall In Berlin. The Scotsman.

3-21-2002. Index says Idaho is a land of contradictions. Regional indicators help measure quality of life in Northwest. Idaho Statesman. Report shows Idaho is the land of pick-up trucks. Hey, we own 2 of them, and we're sans sedans.

3-21-2002. Idaho Statesman editorial. (To Wyoming, "get with the wolf plan."). While Idaho passed a state wolf management plan that might be "OK" according to Ed Bangs, and Montana is working on one, Wyoming refuses to act.

3-17-2002. Chronic wasting disease prompts slaughter of elk, deer herds. By Joseph B. Verrengia. The Associated Press.

3-17-2002. A Yellowstone dilemma - Part I of a year in Yellowstone. What’s more important, access or protection? By Chris Hunt. Idaho State Journal. This is a long article on Yellowstone and snowmobiles. To register your official comments on the new draft snowmobile plan, interactive comment form at the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

3-16-2002. United Mine Workers Chief Arrested at Site of Coal Slurry Spill. ENS. So it is one of the worst coal sludge pollution accidents in American history. Who gets arrested? The polluter? No, those protesting the pollution.

3-15-2002. Wolf-management bill heads to Idaho governor. Measure meant to prompt agency to lift federal protections. AP.
3-15-2002. Idaho Conservation League reacts to the passage of Idaho wolf plan. News release.

3-15-2002. Outlaw snowmobilers increasingly riding in Yellowstone backcountry which has never been legally open to them. LA Times. This is truly a shocking assault against the Park. Even the Blue Ribbon Coalition has condemned the growing practice.

3-14-2002. Crowding on the feed line. Supplemental feeding of elk and bison in Jackson Hole raise hard questions about disease and habitat damage. By Rebecca Huntington. Jackson Hole Guide.

3-14-2002. Wolves Decline, Moose Increase In Annual Isle Royale National Park Study Report. Science Daily. Wolf decline is attributed to warm winter weather at Isle Royale.

3-12-2002. Northern range elk recruitment is way down. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. It is true. Officials have determined that the elk calf/cow ratio has fallen to just 14 calves for every hundred cows. Anti-wolf groups were quick to blame the wolves, but the ratio has fallen throughout SW Montana, including vast areas where there are few to no wolves. While wolves may prevent a quick increase in recruitment, I would blame the 3-year drought. If summer forage is poor, calves will not grow strong for winter. Forage on the winter range after a summer drought will be even worse, lessening calf survival and causing pregnant elk cows to have low pregnancy success. Folks should understand that worry that Yellowstone has too many elk, dominated thinking from the days of Theodore Roosevelt onward until wolves were reintroduced. Presently there are about 11,000 elk in the northern range herd. Until the 1960s, rangers regularly shot "excess" elk every fall, keeping herd as small as 5000 elk. The elk herd, especially elk calves, are also preyed on by grizzlies, coyotes and about 20 cougar.
3-13-2002. Many reasons for decline in [northern range] park elk herd. By Mike Stark. Billings Gazette. Starks's article gives most of the reasons I stated above, but one other thing should be pointed out. One of the reasons why wolves were reintroduced was the hope that they would reduce the size of the northern range herd somewhat due to the very common (yet controversial) view that there were too many elk on the Park's northern range, and were as a result, altering the range to the detriment of antelope, moose, and beaver. The endangered ungulate on the northern range is hardly the elk, it is the pronghorn antelope. The effects of wolves on nothern range elk might also be at a temporary high, due to the extraordinary size of the Druid Peak Pack, which I think is a passing phenomenon. Here is an interesting article about the size of the Druid Pack, and what it signifies.
How Did The Druid Peak Pack Get To Be So Big? By Douglas Smith and Rick McIntyre. International Wolf.

3-13-2002. It's Wyoming holding up the wolf delisting process. By Scott McMillion. Bozeman Chronicle. As folks are well aware, Idaho is fartherest along in the legal process of delisting, and Montana is holding public meetings on the matter right now, but Wyoming hasn't even started. All 3 states must have an approved wolf management plan  before any state can delist.

3-12-2002. Nevada rancher ordered confined after repeated grazing trespass. Las Vegas Sun. Finally an indication that public lands ranchers have to obey the law like the rest of us.

3-12-2002. Conservation groups says Jackson Hole elk winter feeding should stop. AP. With the spread of CWD and the danger of bovine tuberculosis, conservation groups are increasingly worried that Wyoming's practice of feeding and thus promoting winter concentration of elk could result in disease that would destroy the ungulate herds of NW Wyoming.,

3-12-2002. Wolf hearing spirited, diverse. Missoula meeting brings passion from both sides. By Sherry Devlin. Missoulian. You can make your comments here on the Montana wolf plan.

3-11-2002. Jackson Hole bison herd grows to about 50% above goal. Unlike the Yellowstone bison, which are naturally regulated by winter range, the Jackson Hole herd gets to eat all the alfalfa pellets it wants during winter on the National Elk Refuge. Unless the bison are hunted, the only limit to growth is the amount of forage on the summer range.

3-5-2002. Murderous? right wing group -- "Project 7" -- uncovered in NW Montana.

3-9-2002. Wildlife officials seek input on Montana wolf plan. By Scott McMillion Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer.

3-8-2002. Publisher of Post-Register to challenge incumbent Idaho governor Kempthorne. Spokesman-Review. Jerry Brady, a moderate conservationist, has taken on the task of trying to unseat Dirk Kempthorne. Despite criticism of Kempthorne's "excessive" post 9-11 security measures, the miserable Idaho economy, and what some call his lack of leadership in the legislature, Brady has an uphill battle in what has become the most Republican state.

3-8-2002. Ninemile Pack kills some llamas. Missoulian. By Daryl Gadbow. The Ninemile Pack is the oldest continuous pack in Montana.

3-7-2002. Ballot Initiative Launched in Idaho to take back Fish and Game Commission. Idaho Statesman. By Roger Phillips. Many in Idaho are saying the Fish and Game Commission today is nothing more than a lapdog for the cattle associations and the Farm Bureau. It will be hard to get the needed 44,000 valid ballot signatures to get the initiative on the ballot in the 1 1/2 months allowed.

3-7-2002. Landscapes Under Siege by Oil and Gas. New York Times. A high ranking official in the Nixon Administration once said, "Don't listen to what we say; look at what we do." And now the Bush Administration is saying they will "take care" with the environment in Alaska. The record of the recently-halted oil exploration next to Arches National Park speaks louder than their words.

3-7-2002. Persecution of lynx biologists by anti-wildlife politicians continues in Washington. Missoulian. Instead of an investigation these biologists should be commended for testing whether methods for detecting lynx with fur samples works.
Here is the full story from PEER. Lynx Fur Flying: A Story About Political Meddling In The Every Day Business of Conducting Science.

3-6-2002. Idaho BLM Director forced to resign. Idaho U.S. Senator Craig Behind Ouster. PEER news release. BLM director resigned rather than accept her transfer to previously non-existent job as Park Service director for New York harbor.
3-7-2002. Idaho BLM director forced to quit. Conservationists blame politics related to grazing By Faith Bremner Idaho Statesman Washington Bureau. Note that there could be Hatch Act violations in Hahn's removal. This long-standing legislation was passed to prevent political party meddling among career civil servants. Hahn's position was not an appointive position and her transfer to New York harbor is so blatant that the political meddling is exposed.

3-5-2002. Idaho State Senate gets revised wolf plan. Backers, opponents of reintroduction accept compromise. By Rocky Barker. The Idaho Statesman. I haven't seen the bill yet, but I have heard the price of an OK bill is nasty language about wolves.

3-4-2002. Record number of trumpeter swans counted in Yellowstone. AP.

3-4-2002. Idaho Initiative seeks change in fish, game board Andrus, others want commission to become more free of politics. Spokesman Review. Cecil Andrus, Idaho's governor (off and on from from 1970-1992--4 terms) was the last Idaho statewide office-holder to be an accomplished outdoors person and a friend of conservation.
Added 5-3-2002. Due to the late start on the gathering of signatures, the initiative failed to get on the ballot. Ralph Maughjan

2-26-2002. Idaho state's wolf management plan gets a mixed reception Previous opponents to wolves' return support state effort. By Rocky Barker Idaho Statesman. You can read the wolf plan on my historical page at:
2-28-2002. Idaho wolf plan amended in legislature to limit wolf numbers after delisting. Idaho Statesman. By Rocky Barker.
3-2-2002. Wolf advocates, opponents agree on management plan. Senate panel will vote on the deal Monday By Rocky Barker The Idaho Statesman. If the bill passes the Senate committee it will go to the full Senate and then, if it passes, to the Idaho House.

3-1-2002. Annual Yellowstone pollution season drawing to a close. Road plowing begins this week. Yellowstone Park news release.

3-1-2002. Rod Sando: Cattlemen attempted to trample the legal process. Idaho Statesman. It's good former Fish and Game  director Sando has spoken up. The truth appears to be that he was like the honest cop who refused to fix a traffic ticket for the mayor's buddies, so he got fired because he had ethics.

3-1-2002. EPA top cop quits, rips White House. New York Times.

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