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Wolf hit on I-90 near Sturgis, SD last April was a Yellowstone area wolf


Last April a large, black "wolf-like canid" was found dead along Interstate 90, east of Sturgis, South Dakota. It was near the Black Hills National Cemetery. The canid had been hit by a vehicle. Examination of its stomach contents showed that it has been eating deer.

Was it a wolf, and if so, was it from the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem or Minnesota?

It turns out that laboratory investigation has concluded it was indeed a large wolf, and it was from the Greater Yellowstone —another current example of a number of very long dispersals, indicating once more the difficulty of sub-species of wolves evolving in Canada different from the western United States. Wolves have over thousands of years traveling around too much for wolves in Canada to differ much from wolves in the Rockies in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc.

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