Druid that went to Utah is now back with the Druid Pack, and
Molly's pack continues to patrol the Lamar area.

Dec. 20, 2002, update Dec. 21

He wasn't there at dark last evening (Dec. 19), but at 7 a.m. this morning Rick McIntyre located 253M's radio signal right in the middle of the Druid Peak Pack. Folks had been wondering if 253 would really return to his home pack, and whether he would be accepted after an absence of 2 months, given all the recent turmoil among the wolves of the Yellowstone Northern Range.

He traveled with the Druid pack all day. At first he had a hard time keeping up. He now limps on two legs, but by the middle of the day he was near the front of the pack as they traveled around the Lamar Valley apparently looking for scattered Molly's Pack wolves and perhaps the main group of them, which have camped in Crystal Creek.

253's new limp on the front right leg might be a new injury incurred during his return journey, or one can speculate it is due to the coyote trap that got him in Utah.

It is interesting that Molly's Pack has not stayed in the Pelican Valley, but is maybe trying to carve out a territory in the lower Lamar. There is a lot of competition there -- the Agate Creek Pack, the Tower Pair, sometimes the Geode Pack, and several weeks ago a visit by the 20-member Nez Perce Pack.

Molly's Pack originated at Crystal Creek. The Crystal Creek enclosure held this pack until it was released in March 1995. Then it  was named the "Crystal Creek Pack." The next spring the new Druid Peak Pack (released from the Rose Creek enclosure) killed the Crystal Creek alpha male, injured his mate, and drove her and her son south to the Pelican where they eventually founded a prosperous pack that was renamed Molly's Pack after all the original wolves were dead. None of Molly's Pack has 1995 or 1996 memories of Crystal Creek. Park wolf interpreter Rick McIntyre told photographer Bob Landis says the big Molly's Pack wolves reminded him of the front line of the Green Bay Packers.

Update 12-21-02

The Druids were going in all directions today. They moved all over the Lamar Valley and into Slough Creek, apparently searching for the various wolves that have recently invaded their territory , in particular a dispersed Molly's Pack wolf, 261M, and a separate lone wolf in the area today. Some observers think the Druids briefly chased the later wolf.

The Druids are ignoring the elk and expending a great deal of energy patrolling their territory. 253M had difficulty keeping up a couple times today. The pack eventually got tired and slept several hours.

Thanks to Rick McIntrye for the info.

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