Whitehawk Pack is being killed

4-5-2002, Updated 4-14


The Whitehawk Pack is being killed as I write. That includes the beautiful white alpha female,  Alabaster, her mate and the 3 pups that survived the earlier killing this week.  It is an easy task because the radio collars lead Wildlife Services right to them.

Obviously, wildlife supporters need to do some rethinking about their strategy. It is obvious to me that cooperative model is invalid on this issue. There is much to be said for a conflict model. Environmental groups that stress consensus on issues like this will lose.

This is much more than a wildlife issue. It is a social, economic and cultural struggle that will be played out politically.

Update 4-6. There is a report this morning that helicopters were all over the East Fork of Salmon looking for wolves.

Update 4-7. Photos from the East Fork of the Salmon on Sunday 4-7.

Update 4-9. All the wolves were killed -- 10 wolves for 1 lamb and 2 calves. Story: Wolfpack killed for preying on stock. Gazette Wyoming Bureau

Update 4-9. Statement by the Western Watersheds Project on the wolf killing

Update 4-10. USFWS kills White Hawk wolf pack. Pack preyed on a sheep and two calves. By Greg Stahl. Idaho Mountain Express (Ketchum, Idaho). 

Updated 4-14-2002. Wolf pack doomed by its own success. Whitehawk wolves wouldn’t stop preying on ranchers’ stock. Idaho Statesman. By Rocky Barker.


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