A visual representation of the Yellowstone wolf packs

May 2004

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Copyright Jim Halfpenny, Ph.D.
Diann Thompson, B.S.N.

A Naturalist's World
PO Box 989
Gardiner, Montana 59030

No reproduction without explicit permission by Halfpenny and Thompson

This chart is current as of May 30, 2004.   This is the 21th update of the original chart first created by Halfpenny and Thompson in early 1995.

  Would you like a high quality field copy of the Yellowstone Wolf Chart?  Send $5.00 (U.S. currency) by check to "A Naturalist's World." PO Box 989; Gardiner, Montana 59030. The hard copy field chart is two-sided and laminated in plastic, perfect for this summer's wolf watching. The backside of the chart gives additional information about the packs and a map of their territories.


Past Wolf Charts. See the details how the Yellowstone wolf population has changed since reintroduction.

Ralph Maughan/ July 6, 2004

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