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The Latest Wolf News Reports
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  Remember wolf 21M?  Photo: No 21M and grizzly bear.

Ninemile wolf pack wolves
Three wolves from the famous Ninemile Pack in NW Montana. Look at that white pup!
Photo courtesy Montana Dept. Fish, Wildlife, Parks. Taken by Liz Bradley. July 2006

I haven't been able to follow the Mexican wolf program as much as I'd like, but here is a nongovernmental web page. Southwest Environmental Center's, Mexican wolf page. This wolf program is certainly not doing very well.

Important notice, Sept. 4, 2006. New wolf stories are now being posted to my blog. I have gone to this g format because it is easier for folks to find things, and it is interactive. You can post comments. Blogs seem to be the wave of the future. I will watch the blog and may comment on some posts and delete patently offensive ones, spam, etc. You can also find things easier using the "search" function.

This page and archives will be kept on line so people can search old stories, mine information, and also so I can put links to old stories from the blog.

2006 Aug 30 Complete Yellowstone wolf update. Additional info and photos added late on 8/30
2006 Aug 27 Yellowstone wolf watching update. End of summer. Sloughs and Agates kept the show going. By Kathie Lynch
2006 Aug 26 Newspaper story reveals culturally derived cowardice in New Mexico-AZ Mexican wolf country
2006 Aug 23 Update Report on the Jackson Hole area wolves
2006 Aug 22 Note: Archery season opens in Idaho on Aug. 30. This is always good news for Idaho wolves because it provides lots of gut piles and wounded animals for the wolves at the time of year they are nutritionally stressed and more likely to sample some beef or mutton.
2006 Aug. 20 More on the hearing on Wolves at Ennis, Montana.
2006 Aug. 15 Wolf hit on I-90 near Sturgis, SD last April was a Yellowstone area wolf
2006 Aug. 8 Sleeping Child Pack (near Sula MT) put down by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
2006 Aug. 7 Defenders, Wolf Recovery Foundation, ten groups blast Forest Service proposed changes on predator control in the National Wilderness Preservation System (designated Wilderness)
2006 Aug. 4 Important legislative hearing on Montana wolf management set for Ennis, MT. Aug. 11. Attend if you can. Update Aug 13. A report on the hearing.
2006 Aug. 3 ID Fish and Game release of info on wolf control generates a media story that might be misleading. Updates Aug 5 and Aug. 9
2006 July 31 Viewing the Agates, and the Slough Creek Pack appears reconstituted.
2006 July 16 Mangy wolves
2006 July 14 Some of the Sloughs come back to the Lamar Valley
2006 July 14 Tourists out of control at Canyon. Will wolves, or a grizzly hurt someone? More on July 15
2006 July 11 Update on the wolves of Yellowstone Park. The pups are doing well
2006 July 10 Druid pup left stranded as its pack leaves
2006 July 7 So whatever happened with the wolves at Stanley, Idaho?
2006 July 5 Great Lakes versus Western wolf success illustrates ill effects of Western ranching (opinion)
2006 July 1 The Druids have eleven pups!
2006 June 23 Federal wolf managers go after another Mexican wolf pack. A recently reintroduced pair (Nantac Pack) is removed. Some minor corrections and additions on June 25.
2006 June 14 Wyoming wolves: Teton Pack is crumbling, and is there another new Jackson Hole area pack?
2006 June 13 More Yellowstone pup counts. Couple stumbles into Hayden Valley Pack den site. Update 6-21
2006 Jun 10 Federal wolf managers kill yet another wild Mexican wolf. Number drops below 30.
2006 May 31 Most Wyoming wolf packs denned this year, with a few exceptions
2006 May 31 Nine rare wild Mexican wolves die in recapture incidents.
2006 May 31 Slough Creek Pack disbanding? Swan Lake Pack reborn?
2006 May 24 Except two packs, Yellowstone wolves have dens. Wandering Sloughs and "Unknowns" are a potential threat to other packs.
2006 May 22 Wolf legally shot in Eastern Idaho. No traces to Driggs Pack found
2006 May 15 A new wolf story from Stanley, Idaho. More news and updates on May 17, 23 and 30
2006 May 12 Shakeup in Jackson Hole area wolf packs. The new "Buffalo Pack" dens. Teton Pack moves south.
2006 May 9 Wolf dines near Stanley, Idaho and interrupts slack season in tiny mountain town
2006 May 9 All Yellowstone Packs denned. Pups showing up
2006 May 2 Eleven years with wolves in Idaho. What we've learned.
2006 Apr 28 Sloughs abandon den to "unknown pack," and take a beating in a fight? Update April 30.
2006 Apr 25 Siege of Slough den changes to a routine?
2006 Apr 21 Yellowstone wolves slow to den, but northern range packs have finally denned
2006 Apr 20 Detailed summary of all the events near Slough Creek since April 3 by Kathie Lynch.
2006 Apr 18 Two Slough females den, but are pinned in by the "unknown pack" Update April 19.
2006 Apr 16 Wolf restoration is worth millions of dollars to the economies of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.
2006 Apr 15 18th Annual North American Wolf Conference was success. Details given.
2006 Apr 9 YNP Wolves are denning. A new, unknown pack shows up on the Northern Range. April 13. "New pack" kills a big Slough Creek wolf.
2006 Apr 2 Annual North American wolf conference at Chico Hot Springs, MT is this week. Agenda for this important source of information about wolves and the outdoors.
2006 Mar 27 Wolf pack forms on the Idaho side of the Tetons. Driggs Pack has five wolves
2006 Mar 24 Summary of Yellowstone Park radio collaring for winter 2006.  More data from the past and analysis March 26.
2006 Mar 14 Yellowstone Park elk and bison struggle in concrete like snow. Condition of wolf kills is poor. A news story added on April 1.
2006 Mar 9 Despite huge public outcry against it, Idaho Fish and Game Commission is expected to petition USFWS to kill Clearwater River area wolves.
2006 Mar 8 Pacific Creek wolf pack finally collared. More on Jackson Hole wolf packs
2006 Mar 1 Public Response on Idaho's Clearwater Wolf Reduction Plan tabulated. Response was highly negativeNews story added March 2
2006 Mar 1 Latest Northern Range Observations. Wolf Watching is becoming more difficult with their numbers down. Addition March 3.
2006 Feb 28 Madison Valley wolves said to be unafraid
2006 Feb 16 It's wolf mating season on Yellowstone Park's northern range. Tidbit added 2-23
2006 Feb 14 Idaho legislature working on anti-wolf, anti-wilderness memorials. Update 2-22. Idaho State Senate adopts the memorials by voice vote. Is this room for optimism? They felt had to hide their votes?
2006 Feb 11 First photos of Pacific Creek Pack
2006 Feb 2 Idaho Fish and Game's plan is to kill 75% of the wolves along a long stretch near the Idaho/Montana border. The plan would last 5 years in an effort to rebuild an elk herd that many say declined due to maturation of its forest habitat. News on Boise hearing 2-3, More on Feb. 16
2006 Jan. 31 YNP Park wolves get radio collars, including the Hayden Valley Pack's alphas. Hayden Valley pack to get "spanked."
2006 Jan. 29 Latest observations on the Northern Range
2006 Jan. 21 Jackson Hole wolf packs using National Elk Refuge more this winter. Update Jan. 23
2006 Jan. 15 Parvo-virus might have taken most of the wolf pups on the Yellowstone northern range this year.
2006 Jan. 10 Volume of public comments causes Forest Service to delay decision on heli-darting wolves in the Frank Church Wilderness.
2006 Jan. 9

Idaho Gains full control over wolf management. Idaho Fish and Game Commission may propose killing wolves in the Clearwater River area.Proposal is to kill 75% of wolves in 2 hunting units and lots of bear and cougar -- estimated up to 51 wolves and then keep the area nearly wolfless.


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Summary of Wolf Mortality

Yellowstone - April 1995 to Nov. 10, 2003
Idaho - Jan 1995 to Aug 20, 1999

I discontinued Idaho mortality summaries due to the difficulty getting complete information. However, because they were nearly complete until I gave up the project, they should be a valuable resource.
Finally in late 2003, the increasing difficultly of obtaining complete information put an end to updates on the Greater Yellowstone wolf mortality database. I hope these data will be useful for someone's research.


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