Table describing the 1995 Idaho Wolves  

Thirty-one wolves were captured in SW Alberta in December 1994. Fifteen of these were brought to central Idaho and immediately released into the wilds. Fourteen went to Yellowstone. One was accidentally killed by the operation, and one (B1) was released after finding it had a previous foot injury.  I understand that B1 survived in Alberta for one or two more years.

Name given by Idaho School Children Assigned Number Color Alberta Pack Weight at capture Age  at capture Current Status. December 2005
B1 White   n/a  n/a  n/a Had an injured leg. Was re-released in Alberta
"Older Brother"
B2M Black & Gray Obed Lake 76 pounds 4-5 years B2 did not join a pack. After 1 1/2 years not located, he was finally found in the Boulder Mountains just above Sun Valley, Idaho in the winter of 1997-8. He had a failing radio collar. Finally in the summer of 2000 he showed up as the alpha male of the new Wildhorse Pack located in the Pioneer Mountains. He was recollared early in 2001. His pack dispersed in 2002. He died from injuries suffered  attacking an elk (which he killed) in the late winter of 2004 after pairing with a new female wolf in late 2002 and forming the Castle Peak Pack. Story.
Akiata B3F Dark Gray and Black   n/a 78 pounds 2-3 years Radio Collar long dead. Last visually observed in the Centennial Mountains. Eastern Idaho/Montana border 1998
Kelly B4F Dark Gray Petite Lake 82 pounds 4-5 years After one year killed by a mountain lion east of Missoula, MT
Moonstar Shadow B5M Black and Gray Petite Lake 90 pounds 2-3 years Alpha male Selway Pack. Still broadcasting Jan. 2003. Pack had 6 pups in 2002. Found dead in 2004.
Bee-Yah B6F Black Oldman River 72 pounds adult Original alpha female Landmark Pack. Found dead of unknown cause on Middle Fork of the Salmon. 1998
B7M Gray Oldman River 60 pounds yearling Founder and still the alpha male of the Big Hole Pack. Seen July 2005. Bitterroot Mtns., Montana/Idaho.
Keea B8M Gray Petite Lake 92 pounds adult Original alpha male Landmark Pack. Found dead of unknown cause on Middle Fork of the Salmon. 1998
Hinton1 B9M Gray Rick's Pack1 94 pounds adult Alpha male Chamberlain Basin Pack. Status unknown because the radio collar failed. Due to the years passed, presumed dead. However, a group of wolves was observed near the Chamberlain airstrip this November (the pack's usual territory). Among them was a big white (color of old wolves) wolf wearing a dead radio collar. The pack hasn't had any functioning collars for years. Hinton?
Libre B10F Black Hightower Peak 87 pounds adult Alpha female Selway Pack. Radio collar no longer works. Status unknown.
Blackfire B11F Black Hightower Peak 87 pounds  1-2 years  Still alpha female of the Big Hole Pack. Visual identification July 2005. Bitterroot Mountains, Montana/Idaho. 3 pups in 2002. Pack had pups in 2005.
B12M Black Hightower Peak 98 pounds adult Settled in Fish Creek in northern Idaho about five miles north of U.S. Highway 12, but his cut collar was found near Lolo Pass. Believed dead.
B13F Gray  Obed Lake 87 pounds 1-2 years Shot illegally two weeks after the 1995 release on Gene Hussey's Ranch
B14M  Gray Robb Pack 101 pounds adult Became the leader of the hard luck native Boulder Pack in west central Montana in 1998, but the pack had pups in 1999 and 2000 and became a very successful pack. When the pack was recollared early in 2001, B14 was gone.
B15F Gray Robb Pack  74 pounds yearling Long time alpha female and founder of Kelly Creek Pack. Her mate was a disperser to Idaho from Montana's Camas Pack from way back in 1990. Her radio collar failed. Last observed summer of 2002. She was no longer alpha female.
B16F  Gray Obed Lake  73 pounds yearling Alpha female Chamberlain Basin Pack. Radio collar failed. Status unknown, presumed dead due to the years passed.


1. Hinton came from the same pack as famous Yellowstone wolf R10M. Hinton may be the late R10's son or brother. 

2. The three Petite Lake pack wolves were of the same Alberta pack as the six wolves released in Yellowstone as the Crystal Creek Pack.

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