The current status of the 1995 wolves
by individual wolf. January 2003
(the last wolf was killed on New Years Eve Dec. 31, 2002)

14 wolves were released in March 1995.

By the time the last of these 14 were all dead, the Park population was 148 wolves and the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem population, which includes the Park, was 270

ID num.                           color  age at capture weight  in pounds at capture Current               status    
Crystal Creek Pen          
 R2M  black/silver  pup  77 Alpha male Leopold Pack. 1996-2002, killed by rival Geode pack
 R3M  black  pup  80 Control killed north of Park in 1996
 R4M  black adult   98 Was alpha male Crystal Creek Pack 

killed by the Druids 1996

 R5F  light gray adult  100 Alpha female of the Crystal Creek Pack until early 2000. Became a lone wolf. Her radio-collar  failed. As of 2002 presumed to have died, but her body never found.
 R6M  black  pup  75 Was alpha male of the Crystal Creek Pack 

killed by an elk 1998

 R8M  gray  pup  72 Alpha male Rose Creek Pack. Natural mortality July 2000.
Rose Creek Pen          
 R7F  Reddish gray  pup  77 Alpha female of the naturally formed Leopold Pack, until late spring of 2002 when she was killed by rival Geode Pack. She was the Alberta-born daughter of 9F.
 R9F black (later silver) adult  98 Alpha female of the Rose Creek Pack from 1995-99. Later she became a beta member of the new Beartooth Pack east of Yellowstone. Most famous wolf in the Yellowstone recovery area. She presumably died sometime after fall 2001
 R10M  light gray adult  122 Illegally shot spring of 1995
Soda Butte Pen          
 R11F  gray adult   92  illegally shot 1996
 R12M   black  adult   122  illegally shot 1996
 R13M bluish silver old adult  113 Was alpha male Soda Butte Pack

died of old age March 1997

 R14F  gray adult   89 Alpha female Soda Butte Pack 1995 to April 2000. Probably killed by a moose.
 R15M  black/silver  pup  75 Alpha male of the naturally-formed Washakie Pack

Control kill in the Dunoir 1998

Revised last January 2003

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