The current status of the 1996 reintroduced Yellowstone wolves
by individual wolf. March 2004.

  ID num.                           color  age at capture weight  in pounds at capture Current               status    

Released from the Rose Creek Pen as "Druid Peak Pack."

  R38M gray adult 117 Was the alpha male Druid Peak until illegally shot in Nov. 1997
R39F light silver adult 93 Was temporarily the alpha female. Illegally shot in 1998 after her dispersal from the pack.
R40F gray and black yearling 94 Alpha female Druid Peak Pack 1997 - May 2000. This domineering alpha was killed by her pack members, included her sister 42F.
R41F black yearling 80 Alpha female Sunlight Basin Pack 1999 - 2002? Old and sick, shot by the government Feb. 2004, the last of the reintroduced wolves.
R42F black yearling 92 Alpha female Druid Peak Pack. 2000 to 2004. Killed by a rival wolf pack.

Released from the Nez Perce Pen as the "Nez Perce Pack"

  R26F gray yearling not weighed Founder and alpha female of the Washakie Pack. Shot in 1998 for livestock depredations
R27F silver gray adult 115 Alpha female Nez Perce Pack when shot for livestock depredations Oct. 1997
R28M gray adult 130 (140 lbs. at death) Lived as a lone wolf. Illegally shot and dumped in the lower Madison River in early 1997
R29M gray yearling 100 Former alpha male of the Nez Perce pack. Founder and alpha male Gros Ventre pack. His radio collar failed in 2000. Fate unknown. Might have been seen SE of Jackson summer of 2002
R30F gray yearling 100 Founder and alpha female of Thorofare Pack. Killed in avalanche late 1997.
R37F gray yearling 90 Part time alpha female Nez Perce Pack. Shot for livestock depredations fall 1997
Notes:   All of these wolves came from the Halfway Pack in B.C. Number 27F and 28M were the parents of the rest of the pack.  The entire pack split upon release. After a complicated history,  part of the pack was reunited by biologists. Much of the pack was reconfined through 1997. 

Released from the Nez Perce Pen as the "Chief Joseph Pack."
These wolves had been held in the Crystal Creek Pen, but were transported to the Nez Perce Pen as released several days after the Nez Perce pack.

  R31M gray with white patch on shoulders yearling 82 Became the beta male Druid Peak Peak. Shot illegally in same incident as killed 38M (see above Druid Peak pack)
R32F gray adult 90 Briefly the alpha female of Chief Joseph Pack until accidentally killed by truck on US 191 in June 1996
R33F black yearling 96 Alpha female Chief Joseph Pack 1997 to 2001. Killed on US 191.
R34M gray adult 106 Alpha male Chief Joseph Pack 1997 to 2001. Injured by an elk and then killed by the Cougar Creek Pack.

Released from the temporary Lone Star Pen after being acclimated in the Blacktail Deer Pen. Released as the "Lone Star Pair."

  R35M black adult 120 Founder and alpha male of Thorofare Pack until killed by the Soda Butte Pack late in 1997
  R36F black adult 103 Fell into a hot spring and died of burns shortly after her release March 1996

Revised last January 2003

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