Carter Mountain from Wapiti Ridge-

This view is across the valley of the South Fork of the Shoshone. In 2000-2001 the Greybull wolf pack formed in the Greybull River near the back south side of Carter Mountain and remains in the area today. As of the spring 2004, a second wolf pack seems to be forming on Carter Mountain itself.

Carter Mountain is crucial elk winter range and Wyoming Game and Fish has not a single of their disease ridden elk feed grounds on the mountain.  Elk migrate 60 - 70 miles from the Thorofare Country of Yellowstone Park and the Teton Wilderness to winter on Carter Mountain.

Both Wapiti Ridge and Carter Mountain are in the Washakie Wilderness, but the valley below is not. It has roads and several ranches.

Carter Mountain is the longest mountain massif in the entire Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. According to Thomas Turiano, (Select Peaks of the Greater Yellowstone) Carter Mountain has over 20 distinct summits, few of them named. The highest is 12,319 feet.

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Posted 4-17-04/