Ramshorn Peak (11,800 ft.) is a prominent landmark to the north of Dubois, Wyoming.

In the photo, the peak towers over a colorful badlands area just north of Dubois. 
 Ramshorn Peak from a badlands area near Dubois, WY (17876 bytes)
                  © Ralph Maughan

Below is another photo of Ramshorn Peak and
the rest of the ridge (which is called "The

The photo was taken from the SW from near
the confluence of DuNoir Creek with the Wind
River."  The 1997 den site of the Washakie wolf pack
was in the drainage in middle left of the photo
-- the one with the patch of snow in it.
The proposed Scott Oil Well no. 2 is 
in the trees directly beneath Ramshorn Peak

                                       © Ralph Maughan

Public access up the valley in the photo is blocked by the owner of the Diamond G and other ranchers.

The area around Ramshorn Peak and the Dunoir Valley just to its west has a huge elk herd in the spring and early winter. It has also perhaps the highest concentration of grizzly bears anywhere outside Yellowstone NP. 

rev. 1/4/2001