Salt River Range, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming

Virginia Peak. Salt River Range
Virginia Peak from the Greys River. © Ralph Maughan

The Salt River Range is the lengthy continuation of the Idaho's Snake River Range. The different names are a distinction with no meaning.

The name "Salt River" is generally given to the range from the Grand Canyon of the Snake River on the north near Alpine, Wyoming to where it merges with the Wyoming on the south to become the Commissary Ridge.

The Salt Rivers are a high, scenic range composed of soft sedimentary deposits. There are several peaks over 11,000 feet elevation. The range would be much celebrated were it not for the even more impressive Tetons, Gros Ventre, and Wind Rivers nearby.

The Greys River, Wyoming
-The Greys River-
The Wyoming Range parallels the Salt River Range. The two mountain chains are separated
by the Greys River and the Greys River road. Copyright © Ralph Maughan

The range has a large backcountry area with many trails, mostly poorly-maintained due a meager Forest Service budget.

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