Most Wyoming wolf packs denned, with a few exceptions

May 31, 2006

Outside Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, most of the wolf packs denned this spring, with a couple of prominent exceptions, and a couple of unknowns.

In Jackson Hole, the new Buffalo Pack denned and uses part of Grand Teton National Park. Up in the Teton Wilderness to the north, the Pacific Creek denned. However, the Flat Creek Pack from last year can't be found, although there is no indication as yet that it disintegrated. The long-standing Teton Pack moved south of Jackson Hole and did not den.

Up the Dunoir area to the NE of Togwotee Pass, the long time Washakie Pack denned. An off-shoot of the Washakie, determined to be a new pack last year, the East Fork (of the Dunoir) Pack, lost its only radio collar and may or may not have denned. Its range is the East Fork a bit, but mostly Horse Creek, the Wiggins fork and parts east, all the way to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

East of Yellowstone Park, the Absaroka Pack denned and pups were observed. The Sunlight Basin Pack denned too, but the always-hard-to-observe Beartooth Pack is, not surprisingly, unknown.

In the area south of Cody, the relatively new South Fork (of the Shoshone) Pack denned and the Greybull Pack denned, but the Carter Mountain Pack did not.

Finally, farthermost to the SE, the Wood River pack denned.

A surprising number of packs have 10 members: Teton, Buffalo, Pacific Creek, Washakie, and (as of last year) East Fork.

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