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June 19, 2002

Here is an update on the latest status of packs and pups in Yellowstone.

Druid Peak Pack-
The situation is even more complicated than in my last report on the Druids.  Update on the Druids. June 11.

The main pack, led by 21M and 42F has two dens and two litters. One litter of five is at the traditional den site on Druid Peak. The second litter (parents?) is on the SE side of the Lamar Valley with 3 pups.

106F's group will probably be named the Geode Creek Pack. She has 6 pups. Alpha male ?

103F's former group (she left it) has pups (number ?). The alpha pair are 251F and 113M, both born to the Druids. It will probably be called the Garnet Pack.

103F left her group because she paired with a Nez Perce Pack disperser, 215M. Her new pack with a litter of 4 pups will probably be called Agate Creek.

105F's group apparently didn't have pups.

As reported earlier, there are 6 pups despite the death of their mother, 7F.

Yellowstone Delta-
At least 2 pups.

Nez Perce Pack-

Cougar Creek Pack-
This is the second year of the pack's existence. Three pups seen so far.

Swan Lake Pack-
They have 4 pups.

Rose Creek II Pack-

Chief Joesph Pack-

Molly's Pack

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