Latest Yellowstone Park pup info:
Swan Lake Pack blossoms with 11 pups

July 11, 2002

Here is an update on the latest status of packs and pups in Yellowstone. For perspective, compare this to the  update on June 19.

Swan Lake Pack-
The big news is that the Swan Lake Pack has suddenly grown by 11 pups. Early count was 4, but now 11 have been visually observed. All of the pups are gray, as is the rest of the pack. This makes the Swan Lake the second all gray pack in the Park and with about 19 members. The Nez Perce pack, which reached a high count of 21 last year, is also an entirely gray pack.

The Swan Lake pack's territory is generally the east slope of the Gallatin Range inside YNP.

Druid Peak Pack-
The main group of the Druids, which had 2 litters this year, has now combined the litters at the Chalcedony rendezvous site, so wolves are no longer crossing the highway. There are 8 pups.

Last summer about early August the pack moved onto the Mirror Plateau. This summer will likely be the same unless the Broad Creek fire continues to build and burns onto Plateau. Some, but certainly not all of the Mirror Plateau burned in 1988. Regeneration is well underway, however if young lodgepole pine are caught by another fire before they have begun to produce cones the result tends to be long lasting meadow country because of a lack of seed source on the ground.

106F's Geode Creek Pack has 5 pups.

103F and 215M's Agate Creek Pack has at least 3 pups. This is in a hard to reach location. The Broad Creek fire which is not far away has prevented flights in the area.

251F and 113M's pack, which might be named "Garnet," has 3 pups.,

Former Druid 105F is wandering the lower Lamar Valley area with one, and perhaps more wolves. No pups.

The pup count for Leopold has been upped from 6 to 8 pups in the late 7F's last litter.

Yellowstone Delta-
At least 3 pups.

Nez Perce Pack-
Still Unknown

Cougar Creek Pack-
This is the second year of the pack's existence. It's range is mostly the Madison Valley, NE of West Yellowstone. There are 3 pups. The pack size is at a maximum, 9 wolves.

Rose Creek II Pack-
Probably has pups, but the location of the pack in very heavy timber has prevented any visual observations of pups.

Chief Joseph Pack-
A den was finally located in the traditional Daly Creek area,  and two wolves were seen sitting by the den, but no pups have actually been seen.

Molly's Pack
Still unknown.

Sheep Mountain Pack
This pack is about 8 miles north of Yellowstone. They localized this spring and early summer, but no observation of pups has been made.

Pack? near Gibbon Meadow
Three gray wolves have repeatedly been seen in the Gibbon Meadow-Norris area. They were recently seen killing an elk. This seems to be a group overlooked so far by the Park wolf team.

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