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Yellowstone Delta Pack Drives Grizzly from the Pack's Den

Four wolves escort grizzly away. One wolf gives bear a bite on the butt

June 19, 2002

Today Doug Smith, head of the Yellowstone wolf team saw an amazing encounter between a 400 pound grizzly and 4 wolves from the Yellowstone Delta Pack near the SE corner of Yellowstone.

A large grizzly bear approached the wolf den, which contained at least 2 pups. Two wolves, neither of them the alpha pair, came and sat down beside the grizzly and then began to harass the bruin from the den. Next two more wolves appeared to help the convey the bear away. One wolf very carefully crept up on the bear and gave it a real bite on its rear.

Smith said the wolves are so much faster than the bears, that the grizzly did not turn on the wolf, but continued out of the area.  Last year too, Smith saw the Yellowstone Delta Pack repel a grizzly from the pack's den.

The current membership of the Delta pack is not known, except that the alpha female is 126F and she has a radio collar. 126F was born to the pack in 1997 (when it was named the Soda Butte Pack).

Last winter six  members of the pack had radio collars. One was found chewed off, but what happened to the other four is not known.


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