Yellowstone Park and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wolf packs-

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The original reintroduced packs-


Crystal Creek (now named Mollie's Pack)
Rose Creek (eventually renamed "Rose Creek II")
Soda Butte (now named Yellowstone Delta Pack)


Chief Joseph
Druid Peak
Nez Perce

Naturally formed packs-

Leopold (1995-6)
Thorofare (1996-7)
Washakie (1996-7)
Sheep Mountain (1997-8). Originally called "Chief Joseph II."
Sunlight Basin (1998)
Gros Ventre Pack (1998-9)
Teton Pack (1998-9)
Mill Creek (1999?)
Absaroka Pack (1999-2000)
78F's Pack (1999-2000)
Swan Lake (1999-2000)
Taylor Peaks (1999-2000)
Gravelly Pack (1999-2000)
Beartooth Pack (2000-2001)
Mill Creek Pack (2001)
Cougar Creek Pack (2001)
Freezeout Pack (2001)
Greybull Pack (2001)
Lone Bear Pack (2001?)
Red Lodge (2001?)
Agate Creek Pack (2002)
Geode Creek Pack (2002)
Bechler (2002)
Sentinel (2002)
Slough Creek Pack (2002-3)
Owl Creek (2003)
Daniel (2003?)
Green River (2003)
Ennis Lake (2003 ?)
Biscuit Basin (2004)
Moccasin  (2004)
Phantom (2004 ?)
Red Rocks (2004)
Gibbon (2004)
Carter Mountain (2004)
Casey Lake (2004)
Specimen Ridge (2004) The "U-Black's" pack
Hayden Valley (2004)
Upper Green River (2004-5)
Pacific Creek (2004-5)
South Fork Shoshone (2004-5)
Wood River (2005)
Flat Creek (2005)
Pacific Creek (2005)
Hellroaring (2005)
Cougar Creek II (2005-6)

Packs that formed and were killed or died out.

Thorofare (early 1998) -- natural
78F's Pack -- From the mating of dispersing female from the Rose Creek Pack and a male unknown origin. (late 2000). However, this pack may have been merely lost to trackers and re-emerged as the Mill Creek Pack north of the Park in Paradise Valley.
Gravelly Pack (2001) -- gov't control
Gros Ventre (2002?). -- gradual dispersal and control
Red Lodge (2003) -- gov't control
Taylor Peaks (2004) -- mange infestation
Ennis Lake (2004) -- gov't control
Sentinel (2004) -- gov't control
Pinedale  (2004) -- gov't control
Green River (2004) -- gov't control
Owl Creek (2005) -- gov't control
Sheep Mountain (2004) gov't control and natural dispersal
Lone Bear (2005) -- gov't control.
Daniel (2005) -- gov't control. Wolves regenerated in the same area in 2006. Are they remnants or a new pack?
Casey Lake (2005) -- mange
Geode Creek (2005) -- natural, destroyed by rival wolf pack
Upper Green River  (2005) -- a new Green River pack, also killed by the gov't like Green River Pack was
Swan Lake (2005) -- dispersed after pack females killed by elk. Pack may yet regenerate based on the surviving alpha male and a new mate.
Specimen Ridge (2005) -- natural
Nez Perce (2006) -- natural attrition and final destruction by neighboring wolf pack
Chief Joseph (2006), may have dispersed. Territory now occupied by Cougar Creek II Pack.

Packs that nearly died out but rejuvenated-

Crystal Creek (later renamed Molly's Pack)
Chief Joseph
Nez Perce
Sheep Mountain (but finally disintegrated for good in 2004)
Daniel (2005, 2006) New wolves keep moving into the same area, but were any of the original ones still there?

Packs that had their names changed when all the original members died or dispersed-

Soda Butte to Yellowstone Delta (2001)
Crystal Creek to Mollie's Pack (2001)
Rose Creek to Rose Creek II (name used inconsistently)

First pack to form south of Yellowstone Park-

Washakie (1996-7)

First pack to form north of Yellowstone Park-

Sheep Mountain (1997-8).

First pack to form east of Yellowstone Park-

Sunlight Basin (1997)

First pack to form west of Yellowstone Park-

Taylor Peaks (1999-2000)

First Idaho pack in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem-

Biscuit Basin (2005). Native to Yellowstone, but lacking enough food, they left the Park for Idaho and settled in Island Park area just to Yellowstone's west. Since then, two more packs have appeared in Eastern Idaho derived from Yellowstone and/or western Wyoming wolves.

Most southerly GYE Pack-

Daniel Pack (terminated in 2005)
Farson Pack (very brief, formed and was terminated in 2005)

Easternmost GYE Pack-

Greybull Pack

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